Friday, 28 December 2012


I comb through the mkt a few times a day. 
We have about 2,010 stocks n derivatives listed on KLSE today, n is still counting.
I have strategies in monthly charts to weekly n daily charts.  At a press scan, I can have a list of prospects in 15-20 seconds. This scanning is done by Metastock. I do explore using a combination of strategies of month, week n day charts put together. The final list of stocks have very good chance of rising...

On the trading platform I group these prospects into 7 dynamic pages like :
CI Stocks
Growth      Stocks on the move or about to.
Growth 1   Stocks below    $1
Growth 2      "                    $2
Growth 3      "                    $3
Growth 4      "                    $4
Growth 5      "      above    $5

Guru told me, " Follow n go with the mkt n not the other way round asking mkt to follow us ". 
It means mkt does not know n might not like our personal favorite stocks. n we have to work hard to find out what mkt wants to play. That's where the money is. Currently I am seeing winners in Growth 3 ,4 n more so in 5.

I use many strategies n evaluate its success rate. To date the Gap Up is the best.
Essentially, Gap Up is spotting the Strongest Sprout that will grow up exponentially into a Tree.

On real-time hour chart, I am passionately on the look out for seed/stock that sprouted. In fact I will test the 'water' for its strength 1st before broadcasting.  Among the strong n healthy sprouts, that will be the Stock call at mkt best prices on real-time quote. Some can end up wilted, then Throw away very fast.    

This way    ALL CAN BE WELL....

Thanks for HIS providence.

NB :
We put in so much hard work n homework n finally decided to buy. So after a buy is executed, 
please take note that serious work begins because RISK starts. 
From 1st 4 hrs to 2 days, that stock must, must not disappoint in terms of price. 
If it fails to move up, rush in n 'berlanja' to the buyer !
That is Plan your selling before buying. This is over-head of investing biz.
I like these Fine words, Protect the downside, upside will take care of itself.

Because in down trending stocks, 1st loss is always the best loss.

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  1. Love this post Purebull, thanks for sharing~ I particularly like the NB. It would be better that if one day you feel comfortable to share with us on the scan criteria and strategy so that we can learn how to fish too.