Friday, 28 December 2012


I comb through the mkt a few times a day. 
We have about 2,010 stocks n derivatives listed on KLSE today, n is still counting.
I have strategies in monthly charts to weekly n daily charts.  At a press scan, I can have a list of prospects in 15-20 seconds. This scanning is done by Metastock. I do explore using a combination of strategies of month, week n day charts put together. The final list of stocks have very good chance of rising...

On the trading platform I group these prospects into 7 dynamic pages like :
CI Stocks
Growth      Stocks on the move or about to.
Growth 1   Stocks below    $1
Growth 2      "                    $2
Growth 3      "                    $3
Growth 4      "                    $4
Growth 5      "      above    $5

Guru told me, " Follow n go with the mkt n not the other way round asking mkt to follow us ". 
It means mkt does not know n might not like our personal favorite stocks. n we have to work hard to find out what mkt wants to play. That's where the money is. Currently I am seeing winners in Growth 3 ,4 n more so in 5.

I use many strategies n evaluate its success rate. To date the Gap Up is the best.
Essentially, Gap Up is spotting the Strongest Sprout that will grow up exponentially into a Tree.

On real-time hour chart, I am passionately on the look out for seed/stock that sprouted. In fact I will test the 'water' for its strength 1st before broadcasting.  Among the strong n healthy sprouts, that will be the Stock call at mkt best prices on real-time quote. Some can end up wilted, then Throw away very fast.    

This way    ALL CAN BE WELL....

Thanks for HIS providence.

NB :
We put in so much hard work n homework n finally decided to buy. So after a buy is executed, 
please take note that serious work begins because RISK starts. 
From 1st 4 hrs to 2 days, that stock must, must not disappoint in terms of price. 
If it fails to move up, rush in n 'berlanja' to the buyer !
That is Plan your selling before buying. This is over-head of investing biz.
I like these Fine words, Protect the downside, upside will take care of itself.

Because in down trending stocks, 1st loss is always the best loss.

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