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Why is warren B so Rich & World Famous ? How to be like him ?

Do u know ur beloved warren still is the world # 1 jumbo 'Along' financier at right TIMING ? 

Tis made him super jumbo rich, not daily buying n selling stocks. his stock dealing in secondary mkt is done for show to camouflage. 
How not to be rich if u r 'ahlong' ! 

He must be born an ex.chinese. 
He max the deep understanding of the word CRISIS in Chinese; 


1 ex : 
Just few yrs ago, Bangkok was hit by flood. All the insurance co run for cover. the ins demand went sky high, so was the ins rate. 
Then what happen? 
warren  has the best man who thinks n acts like him. He's AJITT JAINN, a v clever indian from of course Harvard. At the height of the ins rates, AJITT went in to sapu all. now betul.betul chia.beh.leow 

THIS IS WHAT MADE ur warren so FAMOUS:- 

He's basically a v good global businessmen with a PLC, from top ivy league biz schools. 

50 yrs ago warren was the 1st to inspire n prosper 4 money industry types: 
He is v good as, 

i. equity fund manager, v good in buying n selling stocks in the early yrs when he bought n hold MCD n KO. for yrs he's not up to the mark, in fact lousy. fbook boss called him the day before listing, hoping to get him to buy. warren couldn't be bothered at all. instead he bought big blue IBM n later had to cut loss to buy AAPL recently! 

ii. Hedge fund manager 
warren was 1st to charge 5/20, meaning 5% annual fee + 20% profit sharing. 
It became the best biz to be in. All the hedgees today owed their existence to warren. this model made warren world famous. 

iii. Biggest 'Along' jumbo financier in the world, like he whacked GS with free warrant n BAC jumbo deals in 2008/9 at the worst time in stock mkt, again at best of right timing. Certainly he's confidently awaiting to duplicate catching this jumbo deals at right timing soon this yr or next! The best thing is these deals go to him automatically. he doesn't need to seek for it!

iv. Private Equity Manager 
It's private equity that made warren's plc so v RICH n not stock investing n dealing. many RICH wall street names quoted in i3 who also followed warren's style, r truly big time private equity managers. 

IF u r v good in FA #s, then u must be in private equity, taking over cos n grow the biz thru network leverage n geographical expansion. There u hv high chance to win BIG.
I know many pple followed n talked a lot loudly like warren, n play stock mkt but couldn't do well long term. There's 1 n only 1 warren in the entire world that can do it super jumbo well.  so u still want to follow uh !
WHY? Mismatch of kungfu app in the wrong investment space. 

Monday, 19 February 2018



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If DOW's well behaved, HENGYUAN now at 2nd higher bottom might rebound up to hit higher than its upper daily SAR at 14.04 n could consolidate in a small band for a week. 
n when its daily RSI is finally above 50%, the daily MACD will gap up to the all important GC. 
Expect these 2 indicators to happen concurrently, then u know HENGYUAN is set for a new beginning to the explosive PRIMARY 5th wave. 
Let's PRAY...

Blog: HENGYUAN & Co just do it. If QR 's GOOD, Target Price is so incredibly GOOD {PureBULL Strategy}
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Essentially HENGYUAN's biz is, u simply buy high everyday n u surely sell it at much higher prices after that. 
Isn't it the best WONDERFUL biz this cycle?

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End of secondment, so this 51 yrs young Dutch MD has to go at BEST of times.

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Dear Zhuge_Liang, 
Allow me to add something out of point. 

As we all usher in the HAPPY CNY in days to come, do pay attention to the ground nuts. 
Pretty sure u will have plenty of very big fat ground nuts, only come from SHANDONG, china. 
This peanut famously given us protein n made us all SMART, smart people said. 

N do u know the oldest smartest human on earth was from SHANDONG? 
Who? Precious CONFUCIUS, just 5000 years ago. 

Then 2500 years later, another world famous whom the top US military man respected him like crazzzy! 
Yes, that great man is, SunTze 

I love your name too like crazzzy. 

Zhuge_Liang was only 400 years young. 
He's so invincible in all HAVARD's best of the BEST biz case study, 
The 3 Kingdoms. 

Now we know HENGYUAN's certainly in GOOD hands with the greatest mind on earth.

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We r s/holders of great HY now. 
We have the right to sue the amore for passing huge debts to us. 
In fact in US mkt, this is a classical winnable case for great money. 
n at least 10 top lawyers will put up advert to do class actions for s/holders like us. 

Today Every soul is still asking; WHY the amore sell a low rm1.80 to HY Shandong? 

SIMPLE: OIL was on the way fast crashing from USD120 to 28. 
All the big giant famous OIL Co were panicking esply u know who. 
CASH was really d KING. They needed it desperately. 

What did they do to HY? 
HY originally was 1 of the best plc listed in yr 1960, a sure winning co well tested over the generations even on the worst OIL crisis. 
Unbelievable, it loss billions leading to the selling of controlling stake to Hy Shangdong. 

How can it happen ? 
Somebody needed hard cash! 
How did they get it ? 
SIMPLE. it's a great public = ahkong co. with gigantic T/O. 
U tell me HOW? 

trasfer pricing for 2 Q was enough

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Finally there is 1st GOOD sign now. 

HENGYUAN is on the way climbing up the stairway from ground floor shown as double bottom level set today at 12.20. 
IT's now on the way to 2nd step after passing 1st step at 12.38. 

Together we can make HENGYUAN GREAT again...

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HENGYUAN has quietly hit its daily upper SAR at 1350. 

n its current SAR starts from recent low at 1132. 

It's in a DARVAS box with floor level 1132 n ceiling ht at 1350. 
This week it's also trending closer to the ceiling. 

The next time HENGYUAN closes convincingly with vol above 1350, 
help yourself never hit the sell button! 

Pray n dare to be greedy for big profits.. 

AGAIN a double bottom niceeely set today, this time higher step at 1260 compared to 1220 that was done 2 days ago.

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Dear Icon8818, 

HENGYUAN passed std 6 with flying colours at 860. 
It then definitely excelled all the way with 0 RISK from form 1 to pre-U, i.e. at 1920. 

After that GREAT achievement it needs time n has to sit for pre-U exam now n soon for few weeks. 
Hopefully it pass with flying colours once again in the next few days ahead, then gg to UNI is a certainty. 
again being a bright n great student it will enter UNI for 4 yrs with 0 RISK. 
If we r LUCKY, HENGYUAN might do Master n or even pHD. 

If that hapeens, we ALL chia.boey.leow... 
betul.betul ...

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THE most powerful logic, is PRICE action, taught n dictated by our Canadian pro International DANCER, NICHOLAS DARVAS.
HENGYUAN's Darvas box, I restate again:

It's in a Darvas box between the floor at 1132 n ceiling ht at all important price 1350.

IF it pierces thru the ceiling beautifully, many of my friends here in i3 will GO CRAZZZY
like in Tanjong Rambutan

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HENGYUAN is getting better...

Now we know that the last 6 weeks of really trying days with 3 successive deep spike down were due to selling by Uncle KYY. In fact I believed it was forced selling by his beloved friendly IB.

By tomorrow the all important daily MACD GC will automatically happened.
n hopefully the respective RSI is > 50%, indicating new beginning with all new set of stronger s/holders.

We shall start counting our blessing for HENGYUAN to scale up higher hts:
1st 1330, then 1350
n pray it shall stay up high steady eddy above 1416 n beyond ...

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Now pls refer to your real time 30 min chart.

HENGYUAN is commencing sprouting lifely above the 30 min SMA 200 line at 11 am. on Feb 19th.

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Dear longkanginvestor > Feb 19, 2018 11:16 AM | Report Abuse

Purebull kindly advice on the next tp based on your magical chart..tq

HY Target PRICE:
Kindly refer here,

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Exporters like Furniture PLC is in exact OPPOSITE cycle with big Foreign Consumer PLC.

RM plays the key role to the bottom line profits of consumer PLCs.
Exporters like Furniture PLC is in exact OPPOSITE cycle with big Foreign Consumer PLC.

When POHUAT,  LIIHEN,  HEVEA, even  VS  r having good times in a pureBull cycle, the opposite is
happening to  F&N,  DLADY,  CARLSBG,  HEIM.

Now with strengthening RM vs USD, the stock price movement is, 1 class in pureBear n the another
in a classical pureBull respectively.

In future, we can use these Cos to hedge the portfolio performance by monitoring RM behaviour.
Today now, the RM/USD forex seems to bounce back again to 3.86/9.
There is a high chance RM is going to the important critical level at 3.80 n better.

Position well into Right Stocks n be prepared for big MOVE at Right Timing ...

This is the real-time RM/USD charts:

Wishing everyone:


Monday, 12 February 2018

Alert: Many Stocks r edi over the CURVE forcing BIG FUNDS to urgently do REBALANCING. What Stocks must U hold now?

PureBULL . PureBULL . > Feb 12, 2018 04:48 PM | Report Abuse X 

All the BIG FUNDS need to urgently do REBALANCING now.

Many industries or sectors r edi over the CURVE n fast gg down in stock prices.

i.   Exporters r all out n gone for few months edi.
ii.  R gloves had topped n can only go down.
iii. Tech stocks r all in weak hands now:
Weakened INARI is taking VITROX, PENTA, KESM n etc down together.

When FUNDS do rebalancing act, there will be LOTS of money that need to be spent on other stocks.

What can n will funds buy?

#1 RULE: Stocks in Theme Play that could make much more profits this year than last year.

PLC enjoying Strong RM n Strong Oil price not ONG :
i.   Material Importers
NESTLE, F&N will lead DLADY, CARLSBG, HEIM up...


The only risk is v low PER, meaning unstable.
But IF in the next few days, this QR is GOOD, low PER will be proven a heaven.

iii. Specialist mega contractor, GKENT

This coming cycle is a limited edition, only limited to few stocks.

2 SEXY enlarging Spotlights that determine whether Theme stocks can continue pureBull run for 4Q to max 8Q r:
i.  Increasing Q profits over last Q
ii. Increasing  this Q profits over last year Q
Wishing ALL 


Sunday, 4 February 2018

Unlikely DOW could crash this month. Let's Find out WHY {PureBULL Strategy}

Unlikely DOW could crash this month. Let's Find out WHY

2 important books will provide the needed guidance now:

Stocks or body in motion will always be in motion unless n until it is forced to stop by an external
force. Sound familiar ?
In the stock market context, it's the Black Swan that can only forced the Markets To Collide, always.
These r 2 world famous books in finance written by 2 arabkia in the US, 1 from harvard n another from NYU.
05/02/2018 01:24

So the BIG Q we must ask ourselves before we decide to dump away all our well researched portfolio
of stocks, like garbage today.

Who n What is the  BLACK SWAN ?
Can anybody give some inspiration or hint, please?
There seems  NONE  yet,  right or RIGHT !

The charts r always my trusted opinion in #.
The monthly chart serves as a good guide.
Just look into the DOW's monthly MACD.
It's so bright n wide open indicating good existing momentum.
The drop of 665 pts last Fri could continue down another 600 pts. I hope not.
Many pple confuse between terms like profit taking, correction n crash.

Usually mkt must create multiple tops n struggle for a few months churning n spinning
at the top range then only a deadly crash will take over.
It was only the Black Monday on Oct 19th, 1987 that DOW really crashed, attributed to program
selling without circuit breaker.

Monthly RSI is another good 1 in #.
DOW created history setting it at 96.3% days ago in the month of Jan 2018.
At Fri close it was still at a super high of 83.8%.
For PureBEAR to happen, it has to weaken to 69% 1st.
Way Below 56%, u shout Crash ok.
Then MACD oso will be at DC too to doubly confirmed it.

Wishing everyone, Best of LUCK n HAPPY CNY ...

Thursday, 1 February 2018

HENGYUAN just do it. If QR 's GOOD, TP 's so so GOOD

HENGYUAN just do it. If QR 's GOOD, TP 's so so GOOD

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If DOW's well behaved, HENGYUAN now at 2nd higher bottom might rebound up to hit higher than its upper daily SAR at 14.03.  
It could then consolidate in few narrow whipsaw swings in a smaller band for a week or 2.

n when its daily RSI is finally above 50%, the daily MACD will gap up to the all important GC.
Expect these 2 indicators to happen concurrently, then u know HENGYUAN is set for a new beginning to the explosive PRIMARY 5th wave.
Let's PRAY...

HENGYUAN stock price n PAT r strongly correlated to the WTI OIL prices as follows:

Date               WTI OIL price, USD
31 Jul 17                 50.17
31 Aug                    47.23
29 Sep                    51.67

Average 3 months    49.69
Sep 17 QR               RM$361 mill PAT announced on Nov 30th, 2017.

31 Oct                     54.38
30 Nov                    57.40
29 Dec                    60.42      Today it's at 66 now

Average 3 months   57.40
Compare to last Sep Q, OIL price increased by 15.5% for current Q.

So how much do u think is the QR for Dec 2017 PAT??
Announcement date is around this Feb 25th.

My guess is just as good as yours.
It all boils down to 1 important person, the CFO.
He or she better knows how to FAKE IT TO MAKE IT if need to, only once!
Or we can act corporately to the board to remove the CFO.
Sound like a plan?

Assuming the CFO cleverly do a good QR, then what is the immediate future?

 PureBULL . > Feb 1, 2018 02:12 PM Report Abuse X

When we invest in FA stocks, the QR is the most important. 
The stock must make much more profit this year than last year Q to Q.
As I said b4, we don't have great CFO like those pro in wall street who have all the expertise to take care of the investing community.

HENGYUAN's next QR is coming out around Feb 25th.
Pray it's just DAMN GOOD n nothing else.

Then u have this,

17.10 X 2 - 8.30  =   ?  (X 10-20% MORE), most of the times due to over-shooting