Thursday, 9 October 2014


[10/8/2014 9:17:25 PM] : 
... FED saved the hanging in DOW today. very unlikely FED can pull the trick every mkt day.
So take advantage of the rebound n continue to sell at better prices. 
KLCI is in weak zone edi since 3-4 weeks ago. 
..Prices r on the high side n earnings report could zigzag in US. 
so hold for long haul is v dicey. 
Too high risk, the next selldown could be the killer !! 

[1:08:55 PM] : 
<<< Only IF everybody sees a toppish mkt condition i.e. over the hill, then funds will start hitting the panic button. 
n the way out is the BIG Bear will take over the driver seat.

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Seriously speaking, if u r a stock player, u have to do something now or next few days at this very crucial time.
Do it n u can fight another day.
We could just be over to the slope by the very 1st 3 days of the imminent gigantic PureBear of multiple months.

Thursday, 19 June 2014


It's worth revisiting the post again.

Click or highlight to go to this link,

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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

WHY will people lose money in penny stocks ?

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Quote : "Very painful. very stupid to buy rubbish. let it be the last time to learn not to play with this gangster. but there r so many gangster stocks in msia, has become a 'gangster country', soli for that. "

Quote:" Only now I know why i had been hit by gangsters every cycle in msia mkt." 

simply bcos there r so many gangster stocks onboard. so avoid them all then it will be safe to prosper from this mkt.
IF we take away all these rubbish pennies, it becomes easier n clearer to understand values of higher priced stocks, n there r few.

WHY will pple lose money in penny stocks ? 
bcos it is always syndicated to spike up in a very steep inverted V shape.
it means good times is short ( like love making ) n never last over 3-5 days n end up down all the way n days..... 
Once u decided to cut, it is edi down at least 15%. 
Certainly not feasible to bet on pennies.

It is good to made a commitment to avoid completely stocks priced 
below rm 1.20, unless it has genuine low single digit PE ratio.  
Do remind ourselves always n we will prosper in stocks together ever laughter.                                                                                       
1st confidence must come from  good feel of FA, then  TA shall works  its way up...

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

What r the frequencies of DOW's correction n How to Time it well ?

Every Time there is a sell-off in equities n DOW component stocks, the foc financial networks will sound so “panicky” n noisy. 
It is good to learn  a little bit of history lesson on “market corrections”. 
Corrections are a normal feature of the stock market, and they said is healthy for the market's future wellbeing.

Please  be reminded of their frequency. Check out these stats on how frequently mkt corrections occur on average:
1.  - 5% market corrections: 3x per year.
2. - 10% market corrections: Once per year.
3. - 20% market corrections: Once every 3.5 years.
4. - 2.5% market corrections: almost every month.
How To Time It exactly when DOW is changing course ?

[4/8/2014 10:54:43 AM]

Dow's  downward threshold level from its recent highest pt  is  - 450 pt.   

At this level, the crossroad is established in 2 ways :                                                                              
 i. If it is profit taking, then it is best time to buy for continued uptrend or                             
 ii. Best time to short, if it is going into 5-10% correction or more.

 I  believed we r in option i.

[4/10/2014 4:57:12 PM] : 
About Turned !
Yesterday's straight line rebound is being met with a steeper selling today on all fronts.  
DOW closed lower n more than the  critical -450 pts from its peak.  This is  very bearish sign.
Tomorrow's mkt could be at the real crossroad. If it gaps down n stays weak even till 12 noon, hell will break loose.

PureBear looks like is edi entering the very door step.  Be decisive to Do n act  whatever is necessary to contain all financial risk.  

Am I hearing, " Mata Lai Lor, Chow " ?

It's most difficult work to do this period simply bcos most never make enough n big.                                                                                                                     In hokkien,    " Di gengang takut mati, di lepas takut terbang "

[4/10/2014 10:13:53 PM | 
Look at the macro,  i fear DOW n the world all over. change of FED chair is not good for investment.  Ben created a bull run,  Janet is here to send all to the cleaners !  That's what i am so fearful.  the american always have a clear vision n purpose for  new person in charge.

The really good ones have made all the big money. What direction r they going to take next ?

[4/11/2014 2:45:49 PM] 
Lull before the storm  is approaching quick sand condition.                                                                   After they sell enough, somebody is going to pull the rug thus creating an unpleasant news to scare the shit out of everybody.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

What will happen to the market with J Yellen as the new Fed Chair?

Let's read carefully what Mitch Zacks has to offer.

Mitch wrote a weekly column for the Chicago Sun-Times and has published two books on quantitative investment strategies. He has a B.A. in Economics from Yale University and an M.B.A. in Analytic Finance from the University of Chicago.

If there is one thing markets hate more than anything is uncertainty and change. With Ben Bernanke being replaced as Fed Chair by Janet Yellen, the markets are going to have to digest a little bit of both. Although, it’s not exactly like Janet Yellen is unknown. She has been an active policymaker for a dozen years and for decades taught economics at the University of California, Berkeley, but you never know how sitting in that all important position will affect their policy decisions. 

Yellen’s First Test

Yellen faced her first major test this past week when she testified for the first time in front of Congress. Markets were waiting to see how she would handle herself as she faced a barrage of pointed questions from critical U.S. Lawmakers about the Fed’s unprecedented efforts to stimulate the economy and its oversight of banks.

Most likely due to her years of experience, she was able to remain calm under pressure and handle even the toughest of questions in a measured tone that the market liked, as the S&P 500 rallied after the testimony. I believe the reason the market reacted favorably was because it seems like there will be very little disruption from Bernanke’s policy. She showed that she will remain flexible when it comes to tapering QE3 and the decision on keeping the short rate near zero, where it currently sits. Again, the markets hate uncertainty and based on her testimony, it seems like she will keep that uncertainty to a minimum.

Smooth Transition

When Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-New York) pressed her with her with questions about what it would take to cause her to consider pausing the tapering process, Yellen answered the question directly and essentially said the Fed would adjust as needed. This exchange showed she is not just going to stick to a set tapering schedule, but decisions will be data dependent. Nothing is set in stone. However, she did say tapering would remain intact for the time being and wasn’t too concerned about recent weak data on employment. I too am not yet concerned about the recent weak growth in jobs. It’s only two months of data and the overall trend in the long-term is still positive. 

Yellen was immediately put on the spot when House Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling challenged the Fed's wide departure from a decades-old monetary policy rule of thumb that Yellen once called the mark of a "sensible" central bank. He asked “So that begs the question today, using your words, are you a sensible central banker, and if not, when will you become one?" Her reply: "Congressman, I believe that I am a sensible central banker,” showing that she won’t be rattled by Congress, causing her to make decisions based on politics, rather than on economic data. 

In an exchange I found particularly interesting, she was asked repeatedly if the Fed was “enabling” government deficits with its massive bond-buying program, QE3. Again she was firm in the face of the grilling, answering the question in what I felt was a sensible way. “I don't think it would be helpful, either in terms of achieving the objectives that Congress has assigned to us or in terms of Congress' deficit reduction efforts, for us to purposely raise interest rates in order to weaken the economy," she said. “The likely impact of that weaker economy would be larger deficits.”

The Ongoing Emerging Markets Problem

While Yellen made it clear she understands that U.S. fortunes are now intertwined with the global economy, she said the U.S. economy is the Fed’s primary mandate. She said emerging economies don’t pose a serious risk to the U.S. economy right now, then stated the Fed is “monitoring” the situation closely. 

The confluence of events in Turkey, Argentina and Ukraine created a panic and the emerging markets experienced significant correction. However, this is different from the 1990s. Most Emerging markets have higher international reserves and lower debt and thus higher policy power. Fed tapering has created a sense of uncertainty but it was somewhat expected and investors have already rebalanced. To some extent, investors are also asking for structural reforms in many of these emerging countries. 

Emerging markets have been getting hammered with currency issues and high debt levels. Some of this could be caused by the fact that the tapering process is still intact, which will eventually lead to higher interest rates and money to move out of emerging markets and into safer, higher yielding investments. Yellen confirmed that, for the time being, tapering will remain intact which will put added pressure on emerging markets. 

The issues surrounding emerging markets, while I believe are likely overblown, did add fuel to a pullback in stocks that ended on February 3rd. The S&P 500 dropped almost 7% in a short amount of time, but has since rebounded and is almost back to where it started the year. While the situation remains fluid, at this time I agree with Yellen and don’t believe emerging markets will derail the global economic recovery that is underway in most of the developed world.

Putting it All Together

There is an argument that has been called the “Curse of the New Fed Chair,” in which some argue the markets gets more volatile when a new Fed Chair takes over the position as investors grapple with the uncertainty of the new regime. This may have also played a part in the recent pull back we have since bounced back from. But overall, I expect Yellen to be pretty much like Bernanke and expect her to continue the tapering process in a controlled, measured pace. So, as far as uncertainty goes, I believe a lot of that was taken away after her first appearance as Fed Chair in front of Congress. This year may be more volatile than last and we probably won’t see the same huge returns from stocks that we saw in 2013, but this bull market has plenty of fuel left. 

n What's on offer here ?

Saturday, 1 February 2014

GONG XI FA CAI to How to Invest for a Living.

                          GONG XI FA CAI 

Ever wonder how some people seem to be able
to make money in the market no matter what?

Why some people are successful enough where they can trade for a living?

For some, it seems like a dream, akin to fantasizing about being in the movies or winning the lotto.

But for others, it's not a dream. It's what they do. And there are way more people doing it than there are famous actors or lottery winners.

But it didn't just happen overnight. It took hard work and dedication. But for most, it was likely a labor of love.

What's interesting is that, in most fields where people have reached a high level of success, you'll find that it doesn't necessarily take extraordinary smarts or some ultra-special talent to make it.

It's really just about doing things that have proven to work and then doing them over and over again.

The key is knowing what works.

But you don't need to know everything that works. Just some things that work.

(And at the same time, stop doing things that don't work.)

So what can work ?            Ans: BUY AT last purebear of ALL TIME/NEW HIGH of GroWinG stocks.

n what's GroWinG stocks ?  Ans: ALL TIME/NEW HIGH

n What's on offer here ?

Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Simply because they r all either greater fools or still calling themselves smart.
Why not upgrade yourself to a fool like me n we can make money together.

We r in the same exact endless 'financial war'.
Move quickly to the same strategy, join forces n we will confidently make big money together forever ever laughter again...

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Will January 2014 Be Up or Down?

About this time every year, mkt players and investors begin to talk about the phenomenon known as the January Effect. The theory says that investors will sell stocks in December for tax purposes or money managers will sell stocks at the end of the year as a kind of window dressing to show they are doing something. These same investors will then start buying stocks again in January, causing January to be positive for stocks. It also says if January is a positive month, the year will be a positive one for stocks. However, no month, week or day has any bearing on what will happen during the next day, week or month. There have been many times when January has been a down month for stocks but the year finished in positive territory. The January Effect is not a sound investment strategy.

Some investors do not believe that the time of the year has nothing to do with stock returns. They will tell you the mkt has predictable patterns depending on where we are on the calendar. A very common saying in investing is “Sell in May and go away.” Meaning, you sell your stocks and stay in cash during the summer months and get back in the market in the Fall. Again, some years this might work, other years it will not. Take this year for example. If you had sold in May and gone away, you would have missed out on a lot of gains seen during the summer months n for the rest of the year.

Clearly “sell in May and go away” does not always work as evidenced by mkt returns this past May. The index was up nicely in May. Granted this is just one year, but nevertheless, a rhyme is not an investment strategy and the data bears this out. 

These are research data I read some where. It says May through October are considered bad months in the stock market. Since 1950, the S&P 500 has an average return of 0.20% in May. Not much to write home about. The return for June is -0.10%, which is essentially flat. But in July, the average return jumps up to 0.90%. Clearly July is not a month to miss out on, which you would if you sold in May. August is almost completely flat at -0.04%. Finally, in September, the worst month, the return is -0.60%. Following a sell in May strategy is simply a crude form of market timing. 

Seasonal investing does not work. One month has no bearing on what will happen the next month. The market does not care that it is May or any month for that matter. Some years these types of things might work, but some years they will not. The best way to invest is to look at fundamentals and decide using stock charts to determine where the economy and mkt are headed in the long run.  

Always aim and know how to spot the greatest winning stocks. Unless you feel we have reached the peak of the mkt or the high point in the economic cycle, it is best to just stay invested no matter what time of the year it is. Importantly, ask yourself whether the stocks you are holding now do have the potential and character of a typical great high flying stocks of the country...

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

" Merry Christmas n Happy & Prosperous Brand New Year ahead ........ "

" Merry Christmas n
Happy & Prosperous Brand New Year ahead ........ "

Thank You for reading my posts.

Thank you Fed for helping the economy rebound from the Great Recession with your creative solutions. And now for taking it away before it does more harm than good. 

Thank you DC politicians for harmoniously reaching a budget accord. Please consider doing the same with the debt limit talks early next year. 

Thank you Santa for delivering the goods to stock investors all year long including your latest gifts as we make another new multiple highs... 

And thank you dear friends for tuning in. Truly this is a labor of love for me as I enjoy sharing my sincere advice on the stock market, hoping to empower n improve your financial well-being. 

I should know best. Do not do it alone in the stock market, as we face the same market together everyday with differing results. I channel all my faculty in search of the greatest winning stocks in the cycle. n they r few. My KPI showed I did successfully identified n spotted some really great ones. Take advantage of these n never to reject them 1st. just because of me. Missing them is truly missing the jewel of the country. There can't be that many great stocks coming along.

Good Luck n Warm Regards Always...

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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

KLCI seems heavy at the Top.

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Sunday, 3 November 2013

MYEG is the govman

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Sunday, 27 October 2013

2 beautiful pure math equations to spot winning stocks

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Thursday, 10 October 2013

DOW's so explosive. Will KLSE stocks do the same catch up ?

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DOW's so explosive. The old trick in excessive gap up is in play all over again. 
This is the strongest +ve trend reversal sign ever.
BUY on weakness/dips in the coming 1 week, targeting the next up trend wave.

Usually there is a dip after this explosion. Wait there to enter at lower prices.

Will KLSE stocks do the same catch up ?

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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Right Timing but wrong stocks in wrong country. Solve it ?

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PureBULL . > Oct 3, 2013 02:47 PM | Report Abuse X 

PUNCAK has a last support at 2.88.
It has to arrest the selling around this level or something is going sour.

Dare to lend your support here.

DSONIC is the strongest stock on KLSE.
How nice if we can have 10 stocks like this to make KLSE a vibrant mkt. 

MUDAJYA at 2.72-2.75 seems a good new beginning has begun. It is enroute to join in the 
low PE ratio theme play.

We all invested at the right timing. The only leakage is having wrong stock selection or positioning in the wrong country.

There r so many great winners in Nasdaq Biopharma sector today that fly like DSONIC,
i.e. PCYC, ACAD, CLDX, INCY, STML, ICPT, BCRX, GILD, VNDA, KERX n the list goes on n on... 
Microsoft, MSFT price went up 100 folds in 10 years period. Many of these Bio-pharma stocks
r rising just as fast up as MSFT in its growing years...

Right country comes 1st. Think about it !

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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Prepare for market panic: Jim Rogers loudly said.

Prepare for market panic: Jim Rogers loudly said. 
Can we trust his critical view this time ? 
n r we approaching the crossroad to buying 'CASH' ?

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Malaysia Boleh is magical.
2 days of strong program buying has caught the FKLI shortists niceely.

PureBULL . > Sep 10, 2013 09:15 AM Report Abuse X
.... DOW had a daily macd gc. If base on past reversal pt/trend, yes mkt is high chance on early uptrend. Jim R could be very wrong again !

Icahn played NFLX, HLF n now aapl. He loves good stocks that r sold down for quite awhile.
n he will enter after seeing reversal in trend. AAPL is in bull zone, any strong sell down is a BUY.

Now KLCI is too bullish edi.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Mkt's in crash-like continuous fire sale scenario.

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F-E-A-R has 2 meanings : 
i. Forget Everything And Ran.
ii. Face Everything And Rise.

The choice is yours.
This is food for thought from RATAN TATA, the Indian Billionaire.

KLCI is being hit by 'financial accident' led by attack on our Ringgit.
In all accidents there r sure people coming to help. Yet to see people offer to help in this 'financial accident', more so from the opposition.
It is so ironic that they r running down our country n economy in times like this n causing many to dump away their stocks for cheap.

 PureBULL . > Aug 27, 2013 03:17 PM Report Abuse X
In a crash-like continuous fire sale scenario,
TA n FA 'sudah terpakai or tak boleh pakai'.

A sadest day, I HAD CHOSEN TO  'RAN'  ALL...
Exactly 1 week late to sell best.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

R these noises or a real start of new world crisis event ?

Yes, players in KLSE over reacted in throwing away all the stocks on the cheap. Too fearful of the memories of 97-98 currency crisis being recalled n refreshed by the free news n essays on the net.

DOW's current weakness seems scary. S&P 500 is in normal profit taking activities. Nasdaq looks like nothing bad is about to happen.
What r these indices telling us n which index to follow now ? 

07-09 subprime crisis was allowed to happen with the whole purpose of 
killing the demand of # 1 USD enemy, EURO$. 
This time around there seems no compelling motive for FED, maybe a time 
to strengthen the USD on a measured pace across the board. 

The side effect of safeguarding the USD caused the US mkt  to crash miserably to Mar 09. It is like the mkt had dropped into a big deep drain. To bring the mkt up, FED has to implement 3 successive GE 1, 2, 3. In so doing, FED has spent so much money to bring the mkt up n running. 
Do u think FED will let it drop into the drain again ?

It should be a time US wants to make back all the money in the world. n the 1st move is to strengthen the USD over time. With stronger currency, US can import more for the same money. The shining USD is now attracting demand by traders n the return of USD as the main international currency for business n trade ever again...  

US stock mkt culture is based solely on daily news flow. 
All the reporters n journalists of free internet news portals r controlled n salaried by the prominent hedge funds. Either way, they will dramatized the news to the easy benefit of the funds. 
And lots of highly educated readers with good englan always r being taken to the 'cleaners' following those free news essays. 

Importantly, all of us have to make a stand whether these r noises or a real start of new damaging world crisis event capable of leading to bankruptcy of some PLC in wall street. 

Sometimes n at times like this, we must think it is not that easy to crash a mkt !

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

KLCI at critical zone.

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KLCI at around 1739 - + 10 pts, buyers must be seen to appear in this zone or might hv to seriously take action to ran...

DOW is at critical level. close monitoring these few days, n pray for reversal to safe us n the world.
our neighbours in indon n thai r under fierce attack.

Just yesterday n today, every thing turns turtle. 
another 2 days later it might just turn back up n hit the ground running...
Last flush is the loudest. Can it be now ?