Sunday, 7 February 2016

HAPPY & PROSPEROUS CNY 2016. But be EXTRA CAREFUL WITH STOCK MKT for rest of this year.

After multi years of purebull run since Mar 2009, DOW had seen its 
current record peak set in May 2015.

History always repeat in a similar fashion in stock mkt.
When DOW peaked, mkt will fall in stages leading to a deadly crash.
On average this purebear primary phase takes between at least 1 year to even
2 years to complete. So we can start counting from May 2015 onward. 
To spot n call the final bottom between 1 yr to 2 yrs is a difficult task to
achieve. This is the time period most fearful of by stock players, both
investors and traders too. 
IF u can have a way to catch this bottom like in Mar 2009, u r the 
perfectionist for the stock mkt. 
Then CASH is king. It enables u to buy anything especially very good at cheap prices. 

Meantime, do something to safe guard your portfolio.
To corporate CEOs, be careful not to commit big borrowing, M&A, or 
begin a big project during this phase.

To all my READERS, friends n relatives, GOOD LUCK ........

Friday, 29 January 2016

Investors' turn to hate split/bonus of HEVEA, VS, TOPGLOV etc. tis the Correct way to BONUS issue

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Mkt is testing the strength of cos. post extra large split n bonus issues.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

OIL is rebounding n shall stays around 35 for next 2-3 mths. That's good for Stocks, what abt ours?

At last there's a group that seems willing to take care of oil price.  

WTI OIL will rebound n stays around 35 for next 2-3 mths.  
Watch out closely for next news flow that provides clearer direction ahead.

KLCI component Stocks shall continue to follow up with a rebound. 
But for now, we have to pray really hard for 2nd liners to do the right thing. 
In fact only those stocks with good FA have crashed n r dropping big time everyday non stop.
The rejected speculative stocks r out performing. Simply believable !

At the close of today, both DOW  n  S&P500  indices have the very 1st daily
macd gc beginning this year. 
This is a good relief sign for all things Happy CNY. 

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Dow's rebounding. So is KLCI. WHY r 2nd liner stocks still dropping big? What to do next?

R we into a big bear mkt Ahead ? Maybe, Close to!
Prices had dropped significantly. 
Sentiment is bad n there goes the 'gungho' confidence.

Stock mkt is just like a supermkt.
All the items/stocks r for sale all the time.
If nobody walks in, prices have to go down.

This time again, we have to pray for a magical rebound.
When it comes, take full advantage of it.
Everybody knows what happens after A rebound.

IF u can go through the next 2 to 3 Q profitably, u r the Champion.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

What caused the big drop in the afternoon today ?

The mkt is supposed to recover like in DOW but it went the other way this afternoon session.
MARGIN CALLS caused the plunge in so many mkt favourite stocks.
This is what amore called CAPITULATION or reluctant type of forced selling at
extreme low prices.

With all the bad news in the national medias, mkt players tend to sell like crazy.

Mkt sentiment becomes gloomy, chips will fall down. This in turn creates fear
among the financiers like banks n stock broking co. They always try to protect
their interest by pulling back their lines. The financiers begin capping prices of
stocks, thus causing stock players to sell like no tomorrow. 

After this deadly capitulation, the mkt will rebound well ...

CAPITULATION is the last stage of massive selling at fire sale prices.
This is the global phenomenon in behavioral finance in relation to mkt 
forces in play.

Some funds turn panic sellers due to views n voices of the on-going
Annual World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland from 20th to Sat. 23th Jan 2016.


If u r not good in selling, do not use margin facility. This tool is for expert salesman.   

Sunday, 17 January 2016

DOW might rebound strongly this week. It has 1 more leg.

The general mkt for indices r ugly n bearish. KLCI is bad. Singapore n 
Hong Kong are much worse, even though they don't have infamous 
scandals like us in 1MDB n $2.6 bill cash transfer.

DOW is last index to turn bad after setting a record high in May 2015. 
The good part is,  the sell down in US started since Nov 3rd, 2015 to now,  
mid mth of Jan 2016. We r likely very close at the tail end of this sell-down.
1 long dragon down, is a rare occasion with opportunity.

NYSE is closed on Mon Jan 18th. While FOMC this mth is on Jan 26 to 27th.

Last Fri, Dow plunged to an intra daily low of minus 500+ pts. 
This was loud and could serve as the last flush, hence setting up for a 
meaningful rebound cycle lasting weeks.

IF u need to sell, bite your 'bullets'. 
Or buy back lower as the imminent rebound comes with better prices ahead.