Friday, 28 August 2015

Rebound in a Bear zone. tis To Sell or Hold forever ?

Rebound in a Bear zone. tis To Sell or Hold forever ?

General mkt is still bearish.
This could be the needed rebound due to technical n short covering.

Could it be the 2nd or 3rd best chance to sell next week/s ?
Price movement now is hyper sensitive to Earning Reports.
Good profits will see the stocks go up slightly.
If bad, the price will plunge instantly like no tomorrow.

It might not be wise to use margin a/c in this mkt scenario. 
Margin can only be utilized when all your stocks r making money for u.
That means u must be good 1st, then u borrow to buy more hoping to 
make it big.

If u must trade, be a trader in a lower price band. 
Some could be better off selling on strength n hope to buy back lower 
later on. Try, this could work.
Keep your eyes open. We’ll have more volatility in the weeks or months to
and plenty of good short-term opportunities if u r not greedy to take 
small but good profits. Super fast Stockists will do well.

Many seem to operate their stocks. For last 1 to 2 years, earnings were
outperforming q after q when the going was good. Unlikely they've the
capacity to continue doing so, i.e.
Low PER<10,  LTKM,  SIGN,  r in a typical undressing display. Who's turn is next ?

Only time can cure this problem. It might take weeks to few months
for meaningful trend reversal to happen. Your WB said, after the mkt 
high tide, u'll know who r swimming naked.
But we only want to know who survive to be the next strongest stocks.
Please don't take too long to show up.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Exporters beware. China cos. can enter into trade war dumping products. Discount salesman wins the biz.

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Everything is pointing to bleak future in stocks. 
On week chart, when Shanghai comp crashed down from high close of 5166 to 3686, 
their gov passed a law to ban selling of stocks for 6 mths by directors n big s/holders of plc cos. 
This absurd move only helped a rebound to 4080 lasting just 2 weeks.

Then last Fri it closed < 3686 to settle at 3507. Closing below this magical #, 3686 provides 
a bad sign going into next few mths.
Today Mon. it's now starting the week with a scary drop of 7.44% at 3246. It could go crazily

 down to 2500 !

Next Fear is, the china cos. could enter into trade war by dumping their products.
For many years our furniture stores struggled  n had to lobby US to help to impose 
anti-dumping from China.
In biz, Pricing dynamics always take over the driver seat. Discount salesman gets the orders. 
Chinaman knows this classical trick too well. 

Risk is our exporters of the same common products could be affected n might not be in safe 
position for too long. Profits can easily disappeared into thin air.
Mkt could take mths to go all the way down to pureBear. Cos might take q to q to show decreasing activities.
It's all about the right TIMING n perfectly acting on gut feeling.  

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Isn't this from plunge to crash-like to deadly CRASH ?

Isn't this from plunge to crash-like to deadly CRASH ?

In 1 single mkt session, the stock indices everywhere r dropping 
from 2%, 4% to even 8% + in Shanghai. 
KLCI has the best drop of the crop, only -1.77% despite having the
on going infamous $2.6 billion scandal n more.

Big players have big problems. They have no where to ran to. 
They can't hide too.

R u not worry of more further damaging drops ?
In every crash, KLCI eventually loss the 1st digit of 1 !

Ugly sure, everyone is never more serious about your hard-earned money. 
What say U.

Friday, 21 August 2015

DOW is way < 17 164. When enough funds head for the exit, it becomes crash.

DOW < 17 164 is from plunge to crash like. 

When enough funds head for the exit, it becomes crash.
Amorr said, We have to avoid  the  unavoidable at this critical 
time of mkt.
On the week chart, DOW is now exactly like it was on Jan 4th, 2008. 
This is or could be the beginning of the most fearful quick sand area. 

[8/19/2015 WED 12:41:03 AM] 
Am OUT of stocks edi last week. 
Might have to take a little while to come back to stock mkt again. 

With this big sell down, strong stocks worth monitoring r :

But any of the above can turn bad anytime. 
Best is hold CASH n wait.

Mkt directional behavior for the next 2-3 weeks is crucial,
while awaiting mkt changing event to surface, The next Black swan.
It is a highly dangerous time for stock players.
A killing field time feared most by mkt participants.

2 world famous books by 2 Arabian will once again sell well :

Catch up n Travel at the same speed as this,
Then u can see it face to face.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

DOW < 17 164. Many lost big even b4 the arrival of killer crash.

DOW < 17 164. Many lost big even b4 the arrival of crash. 

From plunge to crash like.
The forces of commodity n forex r continuously colliding into the
stock mkt. 
So preempt n expect the unexpected. Re-look later. 

In this adversary condition, FA n TA fail to work on stocks. 
Only 'mata lai, choww' works well n feels safer.

More HERE , 

Monday, 10 August 2015

Last flush is the loudest. Hope KLCI is there today n shall stop dropping.

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[9:34:18 PM]

Banking stocks r being attacked with low vol. , except for heavy activity in Maybank. 
Noises r everywhere to be heard. How not to be fearful for stock players.

Today's like crash case. But KLCI has been bearish for the last 15 long weeks since 
April 21st at close of 1862. Almost 4 months into purebear journey, isn't it too late
to sell everything now n get out of mkt ? Could it turn better to just bite the  bullet
n pray the bottom is nearer ?

Last flush is the loudest. Hope KLCI is there today n shall stop dropping. 
Please never go to 1622.

In a general weak mkt, KLCI must hit the bottom. then the noises will disappear,