Tuesday, 30 June 2015

♥♡♥ GREXIT or NO. When the lights (KLCI) shine up, my TAKES r ........ in purebull

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Stop all buy till lights 'appear'.

Greece is creating big trouble. Hopefully its last straw.
External problem in other countries can cause our stock mkt to drop. This is No. 1 risk problem investing in stocks vs property.

Hope pple r not so crazy to throw everything away at low prices, esp KLCI is close to last cycle low in Dec 2014.
Lots of fear all around n we have work to do at this critical time.

F E A R has 2 ways :
i. forget everything and ran
ii. fight everything and rise.
Will see. Hope it is ii.

When the lights (KLCI) shine up, my TAKES r

SOLID,  PRLEXUS,  PENTA,   ASIAPLY(play-play with new owner)

On alert, More shall follow next ... 

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Stock Mkt Template & Investment Clock

Seek to know the truth n tell the truth always.
Bcos IF u don't, mr mkr will take all of them to the cleaner.
It's that efficient machine, people fear most.

The core of the stock mkt template as i am told is,
2 TOP lines,
i.  Economic #s
ii. FED policy tricks

move 2 bottom lines of stocks,
2 BOTTOM lines,
i.  Profit growth, provides impetus to bull run.
ii. Financial or cash flow problem, leading to crash mkt.

Good to have deep understanding n working of investment clock vs the economy. The economic #s will prompt FED to juggle with those few tricks that they have.
Economy improves, job mkt becomes vibrant so interest rate has to go up.
When this happens, investment clock begins to tick to asset class of least resistance. A financial force is set into motion n causes many high power people in the mkt to busily readjust n re-position their holdings among the asset classes to an equilibrium level for risk mgmt as well as wealth creation.

Mar 18th Wed 2pm. NYT
Stocks surged immediately after the Fed's latest statement was released Wednesday afternoon at 2 pm. The Dow went from about a 100-point loss to a nearly 200-point gain in a matter of minutes.
The read out suggested Fed is going to take a slow and steady approach to rate hikes. That should calm down investors who had been worrying the Fed would boost rates, or tighten, too quickly.

Yellen had also said she believes the meager inflation is "transitory," with oil and gasoline prices expected to rise this year and the dollar likely to appreciate more slowly in coming months. WTI Oil price surged 3-4% up instantaneously.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Would KLCI plunge again after rebounded from mini crash of mid Dec 2014? Should u be Fearful?

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KLCI rebounded from the mini crash to mid Dec 2014 but is still in the bear zone. 
Isn't it due to something not good ?
Could it be too fearful of this historic April fool day, April 1st ?

6% minimum GST begins perpetually for eternal life of all Malaysians !
Lots of research r telling us that the country economy will be bad for quite a while with immediate commencement of GST.
Is KLCI behaving ahead of time ?
Will it be good time to sell on strength ?
Please provide insights ?

With gradual weakening of RM against greenback, only Exporters r pretty ok. But for how long ?

DOW is weak again. Yellen could be yelling down the mkt with the imminent higher interest rate soon. The 2 days FOMC meet is on next Tues n the Street is awaiting her announcement at 2 pm on Wed.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Welcome to World Best Business: Ever Growing BioPharma in USA. Make Big Money with world GENIUSES

U might want to consider diversifying to the world best n happening biz in the forever growing BioPharma space in USA. The central purpose of Biopharma co.  quest is to discover the most promising life science innovations that will help ensure humanity lives healthier, longer and more productive lives. 
This case study is simply incredible :


PCYC's about to be taken private at an astronomical price of USD$265 a share last 2 nites ago. 3 giant drug cos. put in their bids n ABBV offered the highest of USD$21 billion. Mkt's expecting a higher bidder to surface in the next ensuing days. PCYC n JNJ both own half each of that 1 chemical compound worth a mind boggling  USD$42 billion now. PCYC bought it from drug garbage yard for just $6 mill some 6 yrs ago. 

There is such a thing as A fairy tale story comes true in this sector. 
Look, the good thing in this biz is, IF u r Right, u n your co. do not have to do any selling at all on the mkt. U sell every single share at the highest price ever! In this case of taken private, U get fully paid into your trading a/cs within 2 weeks at the close of the buying offer. US mkt is that efficient.  
Though 1 board lot is 100 shares, u can buy or sell any # of shares n u pay just usd$7-10 per transaction of any contract amount whether is $200, $200,000 or more with their online brokerages. No other fees r required.
All who follow u shall be happy ever laughter. Isn't it wonderful ? 

BioPharma industry is the main n only organic driver of the USA economy. 
It attracts the best of the best brain of the entire world. The talents n the lab cos. r located in the east around the top schools of Harvard Uni n MIT n to the west in the vicinity of Stanford Uni. Many BioPharma cos. r headed by famous scientists n geniuses who r Nobel Price winners in Medicine, not dancing ok. Their CEOs r usually selected from top biz school of Ivy league Uni. This biz is so fertile n most rewarding that it convinces so many highly educated medical doctors n phd in bio-life sciences to trade-in their prestigious professions many can't even dream of, to become stock analysts. 

There r 5 horsemen in biopharma space, each specializes in 1 or 2 human organ diseases i.e. 
This way, all r growing up so fast every year. 
If u have no time or expertise to do any research, then u might want to trade the best ETF in the world, IBB. If u r 'gungho' enough, the 2 X velocity bull Biotech ETF, BIB is truly exciting. 
It is up big every Q of the year so far. The Key here is to have a way to buy the low every Q, 3 mths each.
The reverse to BIB is BIS, 2 X velocity bear Biotech ETF. Never go short now, it's pureBULL.

Go for drug candidates with Breakthrough Therapy Designation(BTD) from FDA. BTD is pretty similar to our TUNship in msia. The other good ones r Orphan Drug n Fast Track Designations. This simple language from FDA with its highest title says a lot abt the future prospect of the next billion $ blockbusters. Only in this space, its possible that a few little acorns will grow exponentially into giant oak trees each year.

We might not be good enough to be a medical doctor but we certainly have this great opportunity to make good money in the state of the art powerful medicines of the world. Being a capitalist, U stand a chance to make more money than the talented n gifted. This's the real power of stock mkt. 
U have a choice of a better rosier mkt. High risk, higher returns, of course.

More HERE , 



a.  The biotech industry business model has changed and evolved over the past three years from Biotech 1.0 to Biotech 2.0.
“Biotech 1.0 is the ‘Hopes And Dreams Model’— make great drugs for unmet medical needs and sell them thus creating a unique infrastructure.”
Biotech 2.0 is the “Nirvana Model” where companies develop next-generation blockbuster drugs that bring with it record growth and profitability.
“Biotech 2.0 not only delivered exceptional top-line growth that was further leveraged to even higher bottom line growth but a massive improvement in operating margins,”
Biogen Inc. BIIB, Gilead Sciences Inc. GILD, and Celgene Corp. CELG, are prime examples of companies that successfully adopted the Biotech 2.0 model.
Aside from a fundamental shift in the industry, the “cool” factor of gene therapy, stem cells, and cell engineering—along with new scientific discoveries make these technologies “drug-able”--will fuel greater investors’ interest in biotech stocks.
Biotechs must dominate in their chosen fields to sustain the upward trajectory. “The domain domination would be the best pathway for yielding the highest chances of post 2020 growth.”

b.  BIOTECH Sector in Numbers

Biotechnology is a very attractive sector with an estimated annual growth rate of >11% p.a. Sector revenues amounted to USD 91 billion in 2010 and are forecast to top USD 150 billion in 2015.
 In contrast to other industries, demand for medication does not fluctuate with the economy or consumer confidence and the underlying growth trend is receiving additional support from government efforts to improve healthcare systems in newly industrialized countries.

 Stable demand will not be enough to achieve this projected sales growth, though. A major driver of the biotechnology industry’s growth is its innovative power, which is constantly improving therapeutic modalities by providing more effective and safer products and discovering new solutions for previously untreatable conditions.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

MSFT went up 100X in 10 yrs. PCYC from 0.58 on Mar 09 to 230 today for record breaking 396X in 6 yrs

One fine day I will introduce to fellow malaysians to the most exciting n best biz in the world, the BIOPHARMA space in the USA. 

Microsoft Inc, MSFT set record for flying up 100 folds in 10 years. 
PCYC, the leukemia n blood cancer drug co. is still flying from 0.58 on Mar 09 to 230 today for a record breaking 396 folds in 6 years. 

Isn't this truly exciting ? yes or YES 

5 years ago, I started researching North America stocks. 
I used my so-called malaysian proprietary chart strategy to scan through the more than 10,000 plc cos. in the US. 
The prospecting process is pretty simple. Through filtering n scanning for the strongest stocks, I chance upon n bought the very 1st plc co in US called Pharmasset, VRUS. 
VRUS was listed on Nasdaq. It was just a mere lab with about 35 staffs in total. It had no co. income n burning money everyday to sustain the operation. 
I bought it at 61. Feeling naive n fearful, I went around telling n asking people about my new found great idea. Days later, everybody told me that I am so crazy to buy VRUS. Their reasons being, VRUS is a big losing concern every year for the last 15-20 years. There was basically no P&L and no Cash flow statements to analyze or look at. No FA to do. Worse still at 61, VRUS's mkt cap was edi at USD$3 billion. 
US mkt is famous for high volatility. VRUS price was swinging in big gaps. It was so scary, I decided to sell it for a small profit. Within few months it shot up to 120 n splitted into 2 n back at around 60 again. Then all of the sudden, VRUS was taken private by the HIV drug co, GILD at 120, valuing VRUS at USD$ 12 billion. 
Only IF I dare to hold it, I could have easily pocketed 4 folds in a matter of few months. 

In late Jan 2012 GILD took over VRUS, thus helping GILD to rise from 25 to 105 today for a gigantic additional increase of USD$120 billion to GILD's current mkt cap. 
That means VRUS is worth $120 billion for a chemical compound built by a small lab with 35 staffs. 
Simply UNBELIEVABLE but true ! 

What is so good about VRUS drug ? This HepC drug cures 90-100% of hepatitis C patients. 
Fully approved by FDA in Dec 2013, GILD immediately sold close to $12 billion sales in its 1st year in the mkt in 2014. 1 pill the size of a regular panadol is priced at usd$1,000 each to be taken once daily for 12 weeks.
So buying VRUS at $12 billion is the smartest M&A deal ever cut n done by a CEO. No wonder GILD's CEO is voted the BEST CEO OF THE YEAR in USA this year. 

I had since fall of 2013 gotten back full time into this biz. I am enjoying the fun n doing well in Biopharma space. I focus on co. with the latest best drugs for the unmet medical mkt serving the diseases of the major organ of human life. Am working hard with high hopes of striking the next PCYC or VRUS, plc cos with potential multi billion $ blockbuster drug designation. 



Wednesday, 18 February 2015

♥♡♥PureBULL:HAPPY & PROSPEROUS CHINESE NEW YEAR 2015. Be eveready to max your Money Making "Factory"

Wishing all of YOU,



May YOU all have all 3 in abundance for year 2015 n beyond ... 

Cheers n let's have a good time n together we shall 
position our portfolio for all A1 Ms U stocks in the stock mkt.

Again to all my readers, friends & relatives,