Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Stock Mkt Template & Investment Clock

Seek to know the truth n tell the truth always.
Bcos IF u don't, mr mkr will take all of them to the cleaner.
It's that efficient machine, people fear most.

The core of the stock mkt template as i am told is,
2 TOP lines,
i.  Economic #s
ii. FED policy tricks

move 2 bottom lines of stocks,
2 BOTTOM lines,
i.  Profit growth, provides impetus to bull run.
ii. Financial or cash flow problem, leading to crash mkt.

Good to have deep understanding n working of investment clock vs the economy. The economic #s will prompt FED to juggle with those few tricks that they have.
Economy improves, job mkt becomes vibrant so interest rate has to go up.
When this happens, investment clock begins to tick to asset class of least resistance. A financial force is set into motion n causes many high power people in the mkt to busily readjust n re-position their holdings among the asset classes to an equilibrium level for risk mgmt as well as wealth creation.

Mar 18th Wed 2pm. NYT
Stocks surged immediately after the Fed's latest statement was released Wednesday afternoon at 2 pm. The Dow went from about a 100-point loss to a nearly 200-point gain in a matter of minutes.
The read out suggested Fed is going to take a slow and steady approach to rate hikes. That should calm down investors who had been worrying the Fed would boost rates, or tighten, too quickly.

Yellen had also said she believes the meager inflation is "transitory," with oil and gasoline prices expected to rise this year and the dollar likely to appreciate more slowly in coming months. WTI Oil price surged 3-4% up instantaneously.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Would KLCI plunge again after rebounded from mini crash of mid Dec 2014? Should u be Fearful?

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KLCI rebounded from the mini crash to mid Dec 2014 but is still in the bear zone. 
Isn't it due to something not good ?
Could it be too fearful of this historic April fool day, April 1st ?

6% minimum GST begins perpetually for eternal life of all Malaysians !
Lots of research r telling us that the country economy will be bad for quite a while with immediate commencement of GST.
Is KLCI behaving ahead of time ?
Will it be good time to sell on strength ?
Please provide insights ?

With gradual weakening of RM against greenback, only Exporters r pretty ok. But for how long ?

DOW is weak again. Yellen could be yelling down the mkt with the imminent higher interest rate soon. The 2 days FOMC meet is on next Tues n the Street is awaiting her announcement at 2 pm on Wed.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Welcome to World Best Business: Ever Growing BioPharma in USA. Make Big Money with world GENIUSES

U might want to consider diversifying to the world best n happening biz in the forever growing BioPharma space in USA. The central purpose of Biopharma co.  quest is to discover the most promising life science innovations that will help ensure humanity lives healthier, longer and more productive lives. 
This case study is simply incredible : 

PCYC's about to be taken private at an astronomical price of USD$265 a share last 2 nites ago. 3 giant drug cos. put in their bids n ABBV offered the highest of USD$21 billion. Mkt's expecting a higher bidder to surface in the next ensuing days. PCYC n JNJ both own half each of that 1 chemical compound worth a mind boggling  USD$42 billion now. PCYC bought it from drug garbage yard for just $6 mill some 6 yrs ago. 

There is such a thing as A fairy tale story comes true in this sector. 
Look, the good thing in this biz is, IF u r Right, u n your co. do not have to do any selling at all on the mkt. U sell every single share at the highest price ever! In this case of taken private, U get fully paid into your trading a/cs within 2 weeks at the close of the buying offer. US mkt is that efficient.  
Though 1 board lot is 100 shares, u can buy or sell any # of shares n u pay just usd$7-10 per transaction of any contract amount whether is $200, $200,000 or more with their online brokerages. No other fees r required.
All who follow u shall be happy ever laughter. Isn't it wonderful ? 

BioPharma industry is the main n only organic driver of the USA economy. 
It attracts the best of the best brain of the entire world. The talents n the lab cos. r located in the east around the top schools of Harvard Uni n MIT n to the west in the vicinity of Stanford Uni. Many BioPharma cos. r headed by famous scientists n geniuses who r Nobel Price winners in Medicine, not dancing ok. Their CEOs r usually selected from top biz school of Ivy league Uni. This biz is so fertile n most rewarding that it convinces so many highly educated medical doctors n phd in bio-life sciences to trade-in their prestigious professions many can't even dream of, to become stock analysts. 

There r 5 horsemen in biopharma space, each specializes in 1 or 2 human organ diseases i.e. 
This way, all r growing up so fast every year. 
If u have no time or expertise to do any research, then u might want to trade the best ETF in the world, IBB. If u r 'gungho' enough, the 2 X velocity bull Biotech ETF, BIB is truly exciting. 
It is up big every Q of the year so far. The Key here is to have a way to buy the low every Q, 3 mths each.
The reverse to BIB is BIS, 2 X velocity bear Biotech ETF. Never go short now, it's pureBULL.

Go for drug candidates with Breakthrough Therapy Designation(BTD) from FDA. BTD is pretty similar to our TUNship in msia. The other good ones r Orphan Drug n Fast Track Designations. This simple language from FDA with its highest title says a lot abt the future prospect of the next billion $ blockbusters. Only in this space, its possible that a few little acorns will grow exponentially into giant oak trees each year.

We might not be good enough to be a medical doctor but we certainly have this great opportunity to make good money in the state of the art powerful medicines of the world. Being a capitalist, U stand a chance to make more money than the talented n gifted. This's the real power of stock mkt. 
U have a choice of a better rosier mkt. High risk, higher returns, of course.

More HERE ,

BIOTECH Sector in Numbers
Biotechnology is a very attractive sector with an estimated annual growth rate of >11% p.a. Sector revenues amounted to USD 91 billion in 2010 and are forecast to top USD 150 billion in 2015.
 In contrast to other industries, demand for medication does not fluctuate with the economy or consumer confidence and the underlying growth trend is receiving additional support from government efforts to improve healthcare systems in newly industrialized countries.

 Stable demand will not be enough to achieve this projected sales growth, though. A major driver of the biotechnology industry’s growth is its innovative power, which is constantly improving therapeutic modalities by providing more effective and safer products and discovering new solutions for previously untreatable conditions.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

MSFT went up 100X in 10 yrs. PCYC from 0.58 on Mar 09 to 230 today for record breaking 396X in 6 yrs

One fine day I will introduce to fellow malaysians to the most exciting n best biz in the world, the BIOPHARMA space in the USA. 

Microsoft Inc, MSFT set record for flying up 100 folds in 10 years. 
PCYC, the leukemia n blood cancer drug co. is still flying from 0.58 on Mar 09 to 230 today for a record breaking 396 folds in 6 years. 

Isn't this truly exciting ? yes or YES 

5 years ago, I started researching North America stocks. 
I used my so-called malaysian proprietary chart strategy to scan through the more than 10,000 plc cos. in the US. 
The prospecting process is pretty simple. Through filtering n scanning for the strongest stocks, I chance upon n bought the very 1st plc co in US called Pharmasset, VRUS. 
VRUS was listed on Nasdaq. It was just a mere lab with about 35 staffs in total. It had no co. income n burning money everyday to sustain the operation. 
I bought it at 61. Feeling naive n fearful, I went around telling n asking people about my new found great idea. Days later, everybody told me that I am so crazy to buy VRUS. Their reasons being, VRUS is a big losing concern every year for the last 15-20 years. There was basically no P&L and no Cash flow statements to analyze or look at. No FA to do. Worse still at 61, VRUS's mkt cap was edi at USD$3 billion. 
US mkt is famous for high volatility. VRUS price was swinging in big gaps. It was so scary, I decided to sell it for a small profit. Within few months it shot up to 120 n splitted into 2 n back at around 60 again. Then all of the sudden, VRUS was taken private by the HIV drug co, GILD at 120, valuing VRUS at USD$ 12 billion. 
Only IF I dare to hold it, I could have easily pocketed 4 folds in a matter of few months. 

In late Jan 2012 GILD took over VRUS, thus helping GILD to rise from 25 to 105 today for a gigantic additional increase of USD$120 billion to GILD's current mkt cap. 
That means VRUS is worth $120 billion for a chemical compound built by a small lab with 35 staffs. 
Simply UNBELIEVABLE but true ! 

What is so good about VRUS drug ? This HepC drug cures 90-100% of hepatitis C patients. 
Fully approved by FDA in Dec 2013, GILD immediately sold close to $12 billion sales in its 1st year in the mkt in 2014. 1 pill the size of a regular panadol is priced at usd$1,000 each to be taken once daily for 12 weeks.
So buying VRUS at $12 billion is the smartest M&A deal ever cut n done by a CEO. No wonder GILD's CEO is voted the BEST CEO OF THE YEAR in USA this year. 

I had since fall of 2013 gotten back full time into this biz. I am enjoying the fun n doing well in Biopharma space. I focus on co. with the latest best drugs for the unmet medical mkt serving the diseases of the major organ of human life. Am working hard with high hopes of striking the next PCYC or VRUS, plc cos with potential multi billion $ blockbuster drug designation.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

♥♡♥PureBULL:HAPPY & PROSPEROUS CHINESE NEW YEAR 2015. Be eveready to max your Money Making "Factory"

Wishing all of YOU,



May YOU all have all 3 in abundance for year 2015 n beyond ... 

Cheers n let's have a good time n together we shall 
position our portfolio for all A1 Ms U stocks in the stock mkt.

Again to all my readers, friends & relatives,



Thursday, 12 February 2015




Top of the line in this cycle is Johor stocks.
They r galloping up very well.
The Smart money must be busy getting their hands on them. A theme play is definitely set in fast pace motion amongst the Johor PLCs. It could be linked to the clear n define succession of the political power lineage happening right now.

Seemingly seeing lots of money r channelled into Johor stocks every week. Multiple new record high in prices of these stocks r set n still counting ...
A bull run is on n well ...

Beneficiary stocks I know of r

Some other related stocks must play catch up to the new sky highs too.
Who r they then ? Name it here, Please.

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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Easier to Use STOCK CHARTS or TA To Make Money every Cycle. Do it 2 Cycles/year


U must have money to enter the stock mkt. n u want this money to work for u perpetually in the mkt !
Before U ever buy any stocks, 3 most important parameters U need to know. 
They r                   i. The Stock Name u want to buy
                            ii. The Price
                           iii. The Time

All these 3 variables r found conveniently in a stock chart.
Before n after u buy, the stock prices r always dynamic. n again it is found niceely drawn in the stock chart. Will u now consult or look down on charts ?

So do u agree that there is no way to analyse its dna to help track n forecast the future price performance of stock?   No or no ?

The trouble is there r so many ways to read charts.
Some say science n some will say arts. 
U also can have charts in different time period, from month charts to week, day, hour, 30 min, 15 min, to even 5 min real-time charts.
To complicate matters, u have so many supporting indicators; candle sticks, ma, multiple ema, macd, rsi, sar n more...  Just to name a few popular ones use by TA.

There r many gurus marketing their systems n strategies in the mkt today.
I can safely said they all work except that u have to make sure that their strategy to predict good stock price increase can last long enough for u to continue lauging for awhile. Do they also  have high level strategy, the likes of 'Zhuge liang game plan' to identify the next greatest winning stocks in every cycle of the country ?

TA has its limitation. Syndicates r specialists in operating penny stocks. They will 'manufactured' the charts to draw in suckers. Usually they will negotiate for a nice block at good price from the plc owner. Once the block crossing is confirmed, they will ram up the price very furiously in just 2-3 days to corner up more shares from the free float. Thereafter depending on the mkt sentiment, they will spin n churn the stocks for another 2-5 weeks max till they r sold out completely laughing to the banks. If u r 'tiger' enough to play with them then I suggest u track them using hr n 30 min charts. The hr macd must stay above 0 axis. Failing which, ran! Usually pennies will not have  3rd wave up. The syndicates will never n very unlikely to play up 2nd time for the retailers to get out ! 

As a matter of fact, TA goes very niceely with FA stocks.
All great winners have very beautiful charts = like Ms U, it's rare.
William O'Neil advised us to study the past great winners.
Livermore said, 'what had happened will happen again'.

Good case study to do will be the past great rise of KNM, MUHIBAH n WCT in last bull run in 06-07.
Keep staring at their charts n u will certainly see a similar pattern developing in all of them.
Then design a chart template to strategize your winning stock selection. Best of all, U can use this simple skill in any stock mkt or country U trade in. So quickly that U'll have a good list of prospective strong stocks to begin with. With FA, U take weeks to months to do that 1st step of your investment journey.

Word of caution from O'Neil 4th edition,
'Most of the greatest winning stocks once crashed will go down to 10-30% of its highest record price'.
Put in quants, it is frightening vs essay such as, 'Do not fall in love with stocks'.

For decades, I used to spend lots of manhours everyday understanding n working so very hard on FA, yet missed out the Ms Universe stocks.  There r so many variables n coefficients U need to guess all the time in order to calculate those FA #s. Truly playing GOD.
Besides, ENRON edi taught many plc owners that those #s can be easily n niceely 'engineered" for stocks to ran up for a good while, maybe 2-3 years.
n 1 biggest weakness in FA is, it has 0 Timing device = hold forever = close to plan to fail in this fast pace mkt.
All stocks r not good, unless it goes up in price. That's exactly what we want as traders or investors because we r not the owner n will never receive any of the co. perks enjoy by the plc owners.

Lately,  I have found out that TA supersedes FA n applies well on FA stocks.
With TA, we can be decisive n act fast when its trend is abt to change or bend over the curve.
A long loss buddy always said, Charts never lie, some human do. Today he forgets to say all this but talks too much about FA n neglects the all important charting trend. Sadly, he got hit niceely by the country's shrewest broker. u know who !

I always hear this,
' Charts can tell tomorrow's news today '.

I repeat again, DO USE the motivating words/model of GURU :

"Economic history is a never-ending series of
episodes based on falsehood and lies, not truths.
It represents the path to big money.
The object is to recognize the trend whose premise is false,
ride that trend, and step off before it is discredited"

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Always stay with purebull stocks,


Thursday, 29 January 2015

Create a Template with Case Study of recent Up Cycle from Dec 2014. Only CAGR makes US millionaireS

Create a Template with Case Study of the recent up cycle from Dec 2014.
Choose your CAGR to prosperity.

Firstly, Be ever ready with a prospective list of strongest

i.   Stock selection,   at the
ii.  Right Timing,   promptly take a
iii. Perfect entry n exit execution.

Guru said,
"There is nothing new in the stock mkt.  
Whatever happens in the stock market today has happened before and will happen again."

Trade the leading stocks in each sector n the strongest/smartest stocks on the market.
This way,  U'll never have to worry about all the noises in the free internet essays n media news.

Catch 1 cycle perfectly. Repeat n duplicate the success 2 times a year.
Aim well n let these CAGRs do the wonderful math  in our money n portfolio:

CAGR  +26% over 20 cycles/stocks  =  your money grows  +100 X =  fast money making
CAGR  +31% over 20 cycles/stocks  =  your money grows  +200 X =  fast money making
Better still,
CAGR  +41% over 20 cycles/stocks  = your money grows +1,000 X = what have U.

Many methodologies n fund houses with knowledge of complicated FA #s, can't even yield 5-8% CAGR.

Here is the detail CAGR working presented by Mr Tan KW of i3investor :

ASK, how can your current system n method do this ? Do U want it ?

PureBULL . > Jan 29, 2015 08:56 AM Report Abuse X
Dear 1n1792, thanks for your kind support.

Mkt always offer 2 buy pts on right timing :
A good ex. is when the entire mkt emerged out of bad times in mid Dec 2014. I was daring to buy stocks at high prices. 'tis like in horse racing. U look at their noses. Whatever stocks that dare to show up their 'noses' 1st,
Buy them all, i.e. MYEG, KAREX, SOLID, LATITUDE, VS etc.
The 1st crop of 'durians' r the best = best buy for best quality with high pricing power.
Later, followed by calls in PESONA, TALIWRK N ULICORP. All these did move up impulsively on dot n still counting ...
Some of these stocks r the 1st to achieve 26% return. We can comfortably take the profit anytime now, while many pple just started  searching for the next great winning stocks.

ii. LOW
2nd best buy is buy on price dips, i.e. TEKSENG, PMHLDG
I assumed it is profit taking n hoping that prices will go up higher thereafter. Still a guess. 
The result of buying LOW is slow n struggling lower = higher risk. Strange, right?

Next, position sizing is very important. Knowing which ones to 'hantam' kuat2 is key. 
Diversification is the 'thief' of profit, though it is deem to safeguard risk. A bit con con n boo boo !

We need to remember, finally only a few stocks will make us rich.
n never get stuck so that  we can continue duplicating the outperformance ........
Best in Trading ...

Friday, 23 January 2015

CAN U LEARN IN STOCK MKT? YES or yes ? Mkt'll reward the high integrity, honest, humble n friendly.


Yes, U will learn of course.
But chances r U will forget to act  FAST  as the moving target changes even faster...

Why so ?
Because if u lose less than 50% of capital,  u r fairly ok. U will feel half full vs half empty. That means u will not have the desperate urge or urgent hunger for success.

Mkt can be very mean. Usually it is when somebody losses 90% of capital or even goes bankrupt that one will learn everything in detail.  But we can not afford that situation. Then u will have no capital to fight another day.

Furthermore, it is impossible for 1 to master this high stake game alone.
U r in fact into taking many times bigger risk than gambling in casino! U need  life long continuous reading n learning from good books or even proactively join some courses/investment club to enrich your financial education. 

At times u need to be scolded or even 'beaten' up so u will improve n remember for life n go on to excel in stock mkt. Many occasions, I did slap myself really hard. So it is not easy for someone here with 'low commercial value' to come n upset me.

Confucius has a message,

If I listen I can forget.
If I see it I can remember.
If I do it, I can use it to prosper forever.

Top Ivy league Biz School paraphrased with #,

U can learn 50% from your guru.
U will learn 80% if u do the homework.
U will learn 100% if u do own research out of the box.

Summing up,
To learn, U need to repeatedly show your brain what's RIGHT n important.
Tell the truth, U'll never need to remember.

Be motivated by HIS perpetual promise to ALL on earth :

Ask n U'll receive.
Knock n it'll open.
Seek n U'll find.
The ultimate answer to good life n richness ...

Good luck my friends...


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Monday, 12 January 2015



Issac Newton's law of motion is still perfectly applied to this mkt even today. 
He quoted n I paraphrase, 

" A growth stock in motion will always be in up motion until it is forced to stop by an external or global events. 

One can expect high speed success with focus on buying stocks in up motion = Buy what mkt wants to play up n not what stocks we want or favor.

Guru Bernard Baruch's famous sentence, 

" Every trader n investor has 100% right to one's opinion, but one has 'no right to be wrong in the Facts' of a body or stock in up motion... "

To win consistently we have to be mindful to turn all our weak points into our strong points. 

Key word is Change. I am constantly changing n all retailers who want to make money in stocks have lots to change. 

1st be a talent scouter. 
Then listen carefully, a phase commonly used by Tim, the young talented ex-US Treasury Sec. 

To be the perfect Buying Director is the hardest task. Better to copy buys from the talented n skillful. 
In real life, a talent can offer 1 stock, the usual retailer will counter-offer with at least 3 other stocks. At final countdown, u know who has the money making answer or stock to the mkt ! 

At any 1 time we buy a stock, Risk starts. I believe I should know Risk too well after so long years of more than a full time job journeying through the extreme primary cycles of KLSE. 

We will decide to cross the bridge = Ms U stock, when we see one. 
When I chance upon a prospective up moving Stock, though the price seems high but that is the best timing to take that important 1 RISK = 'Food' is  being served exactly right on time on the table for feast. No waiting time is required. Dare to eat = dare to take that crucial 1 Risk to enter...

Being 'gungho' with tiger instinct is a strong point ! 
But it has to be strategically acted upon ONCE only = 
" AI HIONG HIONG MY SIONG SIONG", read in hokkien. 

1st things 1st, never forget to protect the downside Always !

For now, most importantly is to make doubly sure that each n every stock held in one's 'financial warehouse'  is making money n on solid purebull n uptrending at all stages n journey of the mkt... 

" UpTrend is your friend, esp in KLSE ", quoting amorr.

All the Best n good Luck...

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Saturday, 10 January 2015

KLSE A1 Stock + Championship Balance SCORECARD

KLSE Stock Championship Balance SCORECARD

CAVEAT #1 , DOW must well behave.

KLSE had a bad time which ended at mid DEC 2014.
Stock investment is all about
i.   Stock selection at
ii.  Right Timing n
iii. Perfect entry n exit execution.

In stock mkt, Everybody has the same good opportunity but not everyone takes it.
Good Luck = Opportunity  +  Action Taken
Q is, how to take that ACTION to be Lucky ?

The best time to do a good job in stock selection is during the bad times, invariably hoping that good times shall follow thereafter.

Experience taught me that stocks that can take the heavy selling impact during bad times will ultimately be the next greatest winning stocks when mkt sentiment improves or turns for the better. This in itself is the real mkt 'timing device'.
Good experience = make money in short time frame.

The winning stock exploration will result in what I call the
'strongest n smartest' stocks in the country.
Why must they be strongest stocks ?
Because stocks must be 'cornered' then only they will break out n fly high to the HIGH blue skies n everything is nice...
What is 'cornered' securities or stocks ?
A single party or group has taken complete control of the stock. The only way out is to fly high.
Or they plan to kill themselves, which is a very unlikely outcome.

The running for the championship has begun.
I list below my scan result in late Dec 2014 of great prospective stocks which I believe will outperform the entire mkt going forward...


Some have gone up alot n high.  be careful to buy only on meaningful weakness n wait till
prices r close to daily MACD GC. The Hour MACD GC is faster, clear n decisive.
Some dark horses might appear n Some might fall out.
So continuous due diligence is required at all times.

Know your stocks vital statistics well.
Remember to Protect the downside, upside will take care of itself.
+  Because A1 stocks that can go up, will continue to go up after profit taking activity.
-   1st loss is the best loss in a purebear cycle.

Good Luck & best in trading.

Friday, 9 January 2015

COURSE #1 UPTREND IS YOUR FRIEND or Why is your stock not flying while MYEG, SOLID r ?

COURSE #1 UPTREND IS YOUR FRIEND or Why is your stock not flying while MYEG, SOLID r ?

There r 2 versions in my last post on the 10 courses.
It shows to prove that many read the same book but end up completely differing ideas n results.
Speed reading 'kills'. That's the reason why many people do not know how to read books Rightfully.
That amorr writer is also the regular essays contributor to the free internet news portal. he reads n relates all the weakness of stock trader mentioned in the book. A typical case of 'Missing the WOODS for the tree".

Btw, I edi trade-in my high distinction in B Mech Eng from ivy-league of Malaya for BCT (Boh Cheh Tak) University. I borrowed but I did not read that book. My mrs did n she tells me the story all the time. I learned so much about stock mkt wisdom from world # 1 stock operator.
Thank GOD for the blessing to know this magical book just 5 years ago. YES, Should have known it 30 years earlier.
So my dear friends, go n get your hands on it   or   read n re-read that post on the 10 courses.

The bullet pts in italic is my take. Word has power. Those words r simply the best !

OOH yes,
COURSE #1 UPTREND IS YOUR FRIEND or Why is your stock not flying while MYEG, SOLID R ?

In this fast paced digital world control by young people, stocks r changing trend so much faster than the fashion trend. Beware not to hold stocks for too long term. It always come a time that long term holding has the highest risk when a 'black swan event' hits the financial world.
Monitor the bearing pts (x, y) of your stocks. Certainly U can Preempt it from going into purebear.

Let me show you an easy way how to read the trend of your stocks.

Open a weekly chart n set up these 3 magical lines :

a. Week EMA 7.     Prices, C > EMA 7,   1st class bull stock i.e. MYEG, SOLID etc.

b. Week EMA 18.              C > EMA 18, 2nd class bull stock i.e. VS, LATITUD etc.

c. Week EMA 42,              C > EMA 42, 3rd class weak bull stock.

d. Week EMA 42,              C < EMA 42, Big bear stock.
There r so many stocks today in this dangerous zone, even most of the KLCI component stocks. Their trend is so weak that they can't be blue chip stocks anymore.
If your stocks r in this weak zone, pray for good rebound n take action to get out at best prices. Never let your stocks come here again.

KLSE had a mini crash to mid DEC 14. Basing on those prices then, the expected returns in the above
3 grades of stocks r :
a.   C above EMA 7,    31 to even 100% profit to new high blue skies.
b.   C above EMA 18,  26 - 31% profit to last high n more.
c.   C above EMA 42,  10 - 26% profit aiming last high.

U must have once in your life time experience making  BIG money in   setup a. 1st class bull stock.  
Then U'll know that stock mkt is designed specifically for U to be RICH.  U'll channel all your resources n faculty  'hysterically'  in search of the next same great winning 1st class purebull stock.  I promise !

# in % is just a guide to compare expected rewards.

Would U like to have all 1st class stocks in your portfolio every cycle n
duplicate the success 2 cycles a year every year ?   yes  or  YES.

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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

"HAPPY NEW YEAR" - Build your Money Making "Factory" with 10 courses from World # 1 Stock Operator

"HAPPY NEW YEAR" - Build your Money Making "Factory" with
10 courses from World # 1 Stock Operator

This is the best CHRISTMAS present ever received for stock players.
Here is the PRESENT;

I was shocked n awed that not a single soul gives a tick of Like to my last post on i3investor forum. My usual postings will garnered about 2000 to 3000 hits, but this all-important post only had 570 hits/views.

LISTEN carefully, ALL greatest winning stocks in any countries must come out from this Money Making "Factory", no others will.
Go on, re-strategize into 3 broad steps as the core foundation:

+  Mission for fast money making, aiming CAGR +26%, +31% or > per cycle
+  Strategies
+  Action of execution

U can put all the 10 courses or silos of investing skills into above 3 steps n U'll have the perpetual
Money Making "Factory" for LIFE........

To all my friends n readers, 
Our future ahead is ever Bright n Wide open always...

More HERE ,

There r usually 2 cycles per year. Mr Mkt is very kind. HE wants us to be Rich !
CAGR  +26% over 20 cycles/stocks  =  your money grows  +100 X =  fast money making
CAGR  +31% over 20 cycles/stocks  =  your money grows  +200 X =  fast money making
Better still,
CAGR  +41% over 20 cycles/stocks  = your money grows +1,000 X = what have U.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

"MERRY CHRISTMAS" - USE All 10 lessons from World # 1 Stock Operator.

10 lessons from World # 1 Stock Operator
By John Maxfield

Few stock market operators in American history continue to command as much respect and attention from modern investors as Jesse Livermore. And thanks to American journalist Edwin Lefevre's Reminiscences of a Stock Operator, a work of "fiction" that is in fact a thinly veiled biography of Livermore, we have a clear account of the notorious speculator's successes and failures.

It's no exaggeration to say this is one of the great classics of the investing genre, right alongside Henry Clews' 50 Years In Wall Street, Philip Fisher's Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits, and Benjamin Graham's The Intelligent Investor.

One of the strongest draws of the book is Livermore's fascinating life story, in which he earned and lost a half-dozen fortunes during his time on Wall Street. But beyond this, one can't help but admire the countless observations and anecdotes about the market that remain as true today as they were more than nine decades ago, when the book first went on sale. It was, after all, Livermore who said that "history repeats itself all the time in Wall Street."

It's with this in mind that I recently spent a day rereading Reminiscences of a Stock Operator in order to tease out the most interesting and applicable lessons about investing. In no particular order, then, here are 10 of the most timeless anecdotes (accompanied by quotes) that investors can learn from Livermore:

1. An investor's greatest enemy is often himself.

The speculator's chief enemies are always boring from within. It is inseparable from human nature to hope and to fear. ... The successful trader has to fight these two deep-seated instincts. He has to reverse what you might call his natural impulses. Instead of hoping he must fear; instead of fearing he must hope.
+ Charts can tell tomorrow's news Today. Use it correctly to our prosperity.
+ Uptrend is our friend.

2. It is unwise to invest in the stock market if you don't know what you're doing.

The one game of all games that really requires study before making a play is the one he goes into without his usual highly intelligent preliminary and precautionary doubts. He will risk half his fortune in the stock market with less reflection than he devotes to the selection of a medium-priced automobile.
+ Protect the downside, upside will take care of itself.
+ 1st loss is the best loss in a purebear cycle.

3. There's a lot of truth to Blaise Pascal's quote, "All men's miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone."

There is the plain fool, who does the wrong thing at all times everywhere, but there is the Wall Street fool, who thinks he must trade all the time. No man can always have adequate reasons for buying or selling stocks daily or sufficient knowledge to make his play an intelligent play.
+ In good times prepare for bad times. In bad times prepare for good times.
+ Purebull matures purebear comes n vs, Sine wave returns.

4. There is no such thing as "easy money" in the stock market.

People who look for easy money invariably pay for the privilege of proving conclusively that it cannot be found on this sordid earth.
+ Buy at last small purebear that gives rise to the biggest PureBull. 

5. The stock market isn't there to oblige your needs.

There isn't a man in Wall Street who has not lost money trying to make the market pay for an automobile or a bracelet or a motor boat or a painting. I could build a huge hospital with the birthday presents that the tight-fisted stock market has refused to pay for. In fact, of all hoodoos in Wall Street I think the resolve to induce the stock market to act as a fairy godmother is the busiest and most persistent.
+ Big money is awaiting in the new, HIGH Blue skies, everything's nice.

6. Even the best among us are vulnerable to authority bias.

I have learned that a man may possess an original mind and a lifelong habit of independent thinking and withal be vulnerable to attacks by a persuasive personality.
+ Foolish to follow the noises of Dr 'Bodoh' in the free internet essays n media news.
+ Be sensitive ONLY to all things RIGHT.
+ Always have high integrity, be utmost honest, friendly n trustworthy.

7. To make big money, you have to learn to be patient.

Men who can both be right and sit tight are uncommon. I found it one of the hardest things to learn. But it is only after a stock operator has firmly grasped this that he can make big money.
+ In pureBull, it's the sitting that make us Rich, no rocket sciences required.

8. You should always expect the unexpected.

Every once in a while a man gets a crack in the solar plexus, probably that he may be reminded of the sad fact that no human being can be so uniformly right on the market as to be beyond the reach of unprofitable accidents.
+ Crashes r caused by 'Black Swan' events.

9. The ability to act quickly can be just as important as determining the right thing to do.

A man may know what to do and lose money if he doesn't do it quickly enough.
+ 'Ai hiong hiong, my siong siong' in hokkien.

10. Stock speculation is rarely profitable.

There are many thousands of people who buy and sell stocks speculatively but the number of those who speculate profitably is small.
+ Take risk n put your hard earned money with the 'strongest n smartest' stocks in the country.


Wednesday, 17 December 2014



This statement is very appropriate, if use in the financial world.

I chance upon DWTI, the Velocity 3 X Bear ETF for Crude OIL. 3 X Bull is UWTI.
From this, I quoted 2 days ago in my last post, that the OIL has been dropping by more than half the
price since 6 MONTHS ago(in bold). n it could end at a nice bottom soon, maybe within days.

Time is the essence for any trend line to change direction. Before it changes, it is usually at the stage of utmost euphoric exuberance or the reverse killing field period. These r clearly shown in charts only. Everybody must look at it to preempt error in our next important moves.

The turning point could also happens to coincide with the FOMC meet, now ongoing with their outcome to
be announced at 2 pm NY time.

DOW is promising today, its uptrend resumes.
The needed Rebound could be on the way for KLCI n all global mkts........

Monday, 15 December 2014

WHY is crashing OIL price pulling down Stocks ?

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WHY is crashing OIL price  pulling down Stocks ?

A global 'financial war' is on OIL. 
So it can also affect all other 'neighbouring'  liquid asset classes like stocks.

For the last 2-3 years  we had a good bull run on ONG sector. It happened simply because ONG
is the best n easiest business to big profits. In all product cycles, good times has to end n it ends very
rough n ugly.  

The oil production costs r
+ Arab world, Russia                        US$10-20 per barrel
+ Canadian oil sand, US shale oil     US$30-40 per barrel

Looking at this #, How not to be envious of their 'sinful' big profit when times r good.

Stocks r proactively over reacting to the soon to be US$500 billion of ONG junk bonds.
This is the FEAR event if OIL continues to drop n stays below the production cost.

But OIL has been dropping by more than half the price since 6 MONTHS ago. n it could end at a nice bottom soon, 
maybe within days.

The last 'Flush' is always the Loudest !

Need to HOPE for the coming years, though hope is another familiar 4 letter word.

China is having a bull run. Could it be the Year of CHINA in 2015 ?