Thursday, 23 July 2015

So many happening Stocks, LATITUD, POHUAT, VS, MYEG, SOLID, MICROLN... We want more PureBulls ...

[7/14/2015 10:51:46 PM]
KHEESAN, in some at 76.5, some q at 75.5
[7/15/2015 3:22:13 AM]
POHUAT, is forming a handle .
The Darvas box shall be 236 being the floor n ceiling at recent high. watch closely.
VS 's handle was formed in 3 weeks.
Pohuat shd be shorter, hopefully.
The C, closing price, < or > of these Darvas box prices will decide the final winner of either side of the tug of war scenario.
The smart money that play up POHUAT is in KHEESAN too. check out the bursa announcement on its new big s/hloder.

[9:30:15 PM] next week, we'll sailang  POHUAT, most likely outcome.

My fast rising stock strategy might not be for everybody.

1 of 2 ways will definitely happened after my call;
i. IF right, hold for fast money. That's easy n lucky.
ii. Wrong, must sell fast.
This is where problems may arise for people who can not cut loss or slow to act. Risk mgmt is most difficult to handle. Remember, RISK is the robber of money.
If wrong, 1st loss is the best loss on a down hill stock.

To reduce loss or avoid being stuck with bad stocks, I plan my selling before I buy always. this way I am ever prepared to sell fast. So every time I cut loss the wrong stocks, those who followed me never act the same. I feel really bad.

I FOLLOW my GURU well,

[7/19/2015 11:09:49 PM]
 POHUAT, in   241-243
[7/19/2015 11:18:07 PM]  7088 POHUAT 2.430  0.030  54,200shares  2.421 av.

My pt of showing my contract is to  impress u all that,  I walk my talk  =  BUY high, hoping for continuation of price surge all the way up thereafter. Object is without having to hold n wait...  Look at my av price, really HIGH. Buy HIGH is fast money at high risk. of course, a calculated ones.

POHUAT needs a partner to perform. LATITUDE is here to tango up with POHUAT.
Let's watch the pair in action ...

KS,  CENTURY, had a special day yesterday. Why never shout earlier ?
Can some 1 provide a list of stocks with  PER < 15X ?

[7/21/2015 2:48:33 AM] : HHGROUP > 48,  looks like in a special day.

SOLID,  it must has big vol to clear the resistance at  169/70 to go up higher.
wait for confirmation of break out, very close edi. tis a big mover.

[7/21/2015 3:04:33 AM | : I need to out source the selling part.  I need HELP !!!
HHGROUP, what biz is it doing ?
POHUAT, week macd edi  just GC. So weak, what r u doing ?
HHGROUP, is it also a furniture co ?
I am slow here, need to sleep on the wheel just now.

HHGROUP, in some at 49 finally.

[7/21/2015 2:36:01 PM] : POHUAT 's in good hands of KYY  n  LPT.
Confirmed by the horse's mouth himself, YKK said here,

I pray POHUAT shall begin to fly again.    240 + 50 or/to 240+100, is it the same ?

Am I really Good in stock mkt ?
In 5 years, my dissertation in " How to Make Money in A1 Stocks " surpassed the requirement of doctorate work.

[7/21/2015 9:31:43 PM] : There r so many A1 ready to fly ...
[7/21/2015 9:31:58 PM] : PESTECH to do work on it.
 I am also your commercial valued 'wong fei hong'.   Throw me your hot stocks, IF I comment then time is near or good to fly.
[7/21/2015 9:59:41 PM] : EKSONS, made so much money, so low PER. from WHERE ? xtra ordinary gains or what ?

These r 2nd batch opportunity. can be tricky. 3rd is even more challenging.
We must travel at the same speed as the mkt to max gains.  1st movers r like  VS, SAM n some furniture stocks that I missed big.
Stock mkt biz dealing is exactly like DURIAN biz.  We must be like  DURIAN-KIA  to make big in stocks.
KEY is never miss their very  1st FRUITS.

OTB was my very close buddy. we share the same thought n experience from the exact same 'shaolin stock mkt school'  AMORR said,
u need a thief to catch another thief.
But I said,
u need a zhuge liang to understand another zhuge liang.
Buy a ticket n fly in. make an appointment then see ME.  this fun statement is going to happen.
MUST be  'tuahpie' a bit nowadays.  being too humble n giving free sharing never pays.

[3:38:49 AM] : MICROLN,  SOLID,  both r so near to the great divide, the paradigm shift
to prosperity. Today, Thu is close to Fri. Must Pray, Keep the fingers crossed.

MYEG, I did count correctly the higher lows, the 4 up steps with 9-10 sen each successively higher. n did enter promptly at av 2.586 last week. this call was so sweet, considering it's a volatile fund manager favorite stock.
LATITUD is POHUAT's tango partner for life.
7006 LATITUD 6.760  0.360  4,900 shares  6.723 av. In all just now, line's full.
My read, LATITUD :   638 + 125  or/to  638 + 250, again, is it the same ?
[4:27:55 AM : SOLID : 170 + 35 or 170 + 70, which 1 do u prefer ?
at 170 could be the sure bet with downside 3 sen, upside 35 to 70. Hope I shall be RIGHT.

LATITUD, Looks like, feels like  1-dragon-up today n more ...

SOLID soon to be spotted by the big guns, awaiting Special day tomorrow, Fri week close. 

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Mkt's hungry. FOOD n Consumer stocks r shining up into the next likely THEME play.

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Mkt's hungry.
FOOD n Consumer stocks r shining up into the next likely THEME play.
Some Furniture is maturing to the finale peak. Plan well, Out on big vol with 1 euphoric up spike.

Only POHUAT n  LATITUD might be in for good times ...

MYEG, in all at 2.586 av. on Monday, YESTERDAY.

HUPSENG, no line to get in at 124 just now.


OTB is the Very Superb (VS) investor in Msia.
A True record holder in spotting great winning Ms U stocks
every cycle at early stage. His portfolio speaks vol.
I am so proud of U. Keep it up HIGH always, my buddy.

Friday, 10 July 2015

Once the Greek money trouble is solved, VS, , , n mkt's ready to go pureBull.

Once the Greek money trouble is solved, mkt'll go pureBull.

[7/9/2015 1:32:47 PM] :
DOW n NIKKEI  r the strongest.
European n Asian mkts r bear since early April, caused by uncertainty n fear of the long GREEK crisis.
CHINA went into bear only 4-5 weeks ago. This 3-mths bear case might turn for a better times once the young GREEK PM signs with the creditors this weekend.

By signing, he gets other people's money (OPM = good feng sui) to spend.
For not signing, he's the most stupid man on earth, pretty much like SadDam who was playing god all his life but had to hide in the ditch for inviting US to attack him.

 ... WORK HARD NOW while awaiting the Greek money problem to be resolved by this week, hopefully.                                           
Once it's done,  BUY even at high prices. But BUY the "top scorers" in the mkt class. never to touch the low that seems cheap.
Good times or bad, It all depends on 1 young man or 1 woman to decide this week.
It could be cleverly stupid to sell all now n buy back later at higher prices on good solid news.

PENTA, out all at 79.                                                         
need to capture the 1st profit this cycle in preparation for  MYEG at right timing.
[7/9/2015 11:30:38 PM]
VS > 469...................................  VERY SPECIAL today, hopefully.
My read :   VS,   450 + 100 or 450 + 200, Is it the same ?
 IF it's indeed a right timing call, SPECIAL means the very 1st bull day of a new beginning to a prosperous primary 2-6 mths pureBull run.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

♥♡♥ GREXIT or NO. When the lights (KLCI) shine up, my TAKES r ........ in purebull

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Stop all buy till lights 'appear'.

Greece is creating big trouble. Hopefully its last straw.
External problem in other countries can cause our stock mkt to drop. This is No. 1 risk problem investing in stocks vs property.

Hope pple r not so crazy to throw everything away at low prices, esp KLCI is close to last cycle low in Dec 2014.
Lots of fear all around n we have work to do at this critical time.

F E A R has 2 ways :
i. forget everything and ran
ii. fight everything and rise.
Will see. Hope it is ii.

When the lights (KLCI) shine up, my TAKES r

SOLID,  PRLEXUS,  PENTA,   ASIAPLY(play-play with new owner)

On alert, More shall follow next ... 

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Stock Mkt Template & Investment Clock

Seek to know the truth n tell the truth always.
Bcos IF u don't, mr mkr will take all of them to the cleaner.
It's that efficient machine, people fear most.

The core of the stock mkt template as i am told is,
2 TOP lines,
i.  Economic #s
ii. FED policy tricks

move 2 bottom lines of stocks,
2 BOTTOM lines,
i.  Profit growth, provides impetus to bull run.
ii. Financial or cash flow problem, leading to crash mkt.

Good to have deep understanding n working of investment clock vs the economy. The economic #s will prompt FED to juggle with those few tricks that they have.
Economy improves, job mkt becomes vibrant so interest rate has to go up.
When this happens, investment clock begins to tick to asset class of least resistance. A financial force is set into motion n causes many high power people in the mkt to busily readjust n re-position their holdings among the asset classes to an equilibrium level for risk mgmt as well as wealth creation.

Mar 18th Wed 2pm. NYT
Stocks surged immediately after the Fed's latest statement was released Wednesday afternoon at 2 pm. The Dow went from about a 100-point loss to a nearly 200-point gain in a matter of minutes.
The read out suggested Fed is going to take a slow and steady approach to rate hikes. That should calm down investors who had been worrying the Fed would boost rates, or tighten, too quickly.

Yellen had also said she believes the meager inflation is "transitory," with oil and gasoline prices expected to rise this year and the dollar likely to appreciate more slowly in coming months. WTI Oil price surged 3-4% up instantaneously.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Would KLCI plunge again after rebounded from mini crash of mid Dec 2014? Should u be Fearful?

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KLCI rebounded from the mini crash to mid Dec 2014 but is still in the bear zone. 
Isn't it due to something not good ?
Could it be too fearful of this historic April fool day, April 1st ?

6% minimum GST begins perpetually for eternal life of all Malaysians !
Lots of research r telling us that the country economy will be bad for quite a while with immediate commencement of GST.
Is KLCI behaving ahead of time ?
Will it be good time to sell on strength ?
Please provide insights ?

With gradual weakening of RM against greenback, only Exporters r pretty ok. But for how long ?

DOW is weak again. Yellen could be yelling down the mkt with the imminent higher interest rate soon. The 2 days FOMC meet is on next Tues n the Street is awaiting her announcement at 2 pm on Wed.