Friday, 21 December 2012

1 BUY-1 SELL-1 DRAGON UP  to  Prosperity

Jim Roger in his opening address in his famous book, I guess is 
Big Bull In China quoted again Confucius, 

Do not wish for quick results 
nor look for small advantages.

If u seek quick results,

u will not reach the ultimate goal 
If u r led astray by small advantages 
u will never accomplish great things.
It means that if u always day trades without specific stocks or strategy, 
u will not be very rich n famous.

Jesse Livermore said,
If u have the  right stock at right timing, 
it is the sitting that makes u rich not rocket science.
At final tally, only a few stocks will bring us money. Many  trouble 
loss stocks will drain our resources n time. Worse still, having to 
monitor losses regularly n end up no time to do prospecting.

G Soros said,
Only If u r Right, Buy all = Hantam = 'sailang' big big.
Issac Newton loss lots of money in stock trading. Warren B. said, 
if Newton is around now, he will have his 4th law of motion i.e.


Guess we have to be focus n be prepared always with a list of potential
stocks with Ms U  material.
Look out for 1 special day pattern. Before every great run up, stocks must
display this behaviour with large volume.
It will be a day that stock price is firm, steady n strong through out the day,
especially with a small gap up over yesterday's close. n u probably will see 
a distinct classical a-b-c up wave formation on the minute movement chart.

When u chance upon this set-up, wait for a good price on slight weakness 
n it is the only time u tell yourself, Be fearless, enter promptly. 
That shall be your (x1, y1) 1 buy well point. 

From 1st 4 hrs to 2 days, that stock must, must not disappoint in terms 
of price. If this happens,  u know u get the right stock n money is going 
to flow big into your pocket. U should dare to fight on till the trend 
becomes weak or about to turn over the curve on hour chart. At some 
point be generous, identify your 1 sell well point, (x2, y2). 

This whole few days to few weeks process is 

1 BUY-1 SELL-1 DRAGON UP to  Prosperity. 

If the trades show a profit right from the start, u know luck is on 
your side n u can expect to profit your highest profits.
The search for prosperity shall continues........
                          To ALL my Readers & friends...

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