Thursday, 13 December 2012


Yes, U will learn of course. 

But chances r U will forget to act  FAST  as the moving target changes even faster...

Why so ?

Because if u lose less than 50% of capital,  u r fairly ok. U will feel half full vs half empty. That means u will not have the desperate urge or urgent hunger for success.

Mkt can be very mean. Usually it is when somebody losses 90% of capital or even goes bankrupt that one will learn everything in detail.  But we can not afford that situation. Then u will have no capital to fight another day.

Furthermore, it is impossible for 1 to master this high stake game alone.

U r in fact into many times bigger than gambling in casino! U need  continuous reading n learn from good books or even proactively join some courses/investment club to enrich your financial education. 

At times u need to be scolded or even beaten so u will improve n remember for life n go on to excel in stock mkt. Many occasions, I did slap myself really hard. So it is not easy for someone here with 'low commercial value' to come n upset me. 

Confucius has a message,

If I listen I can forget.

If I see it I can remember.
If I do it, I can use it to prosper forever.

Top Ivy Biz School paraphrased with #,

U can learn 50% from your guru.

U will learn 80% if u do the homework.
U will learn 100% if u do own research out of the box.

Good luck my friends...


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