Thursday, 6 December 2012


High strategy in QUANTS = QA is the good answer to making money in this endless 'financial war'. 
QA > = FA + TA. 

Quants is highly demanding. 
It requires current n deep mkt knowledge n know-how on perfect timing n 
most importantly, 
taking action at Right Cycles of :-

Niche products n services, 
Industrial sectors n Theme in play, to 
Investment-clock cycle n 
Cyclical acts in monetary n fiscal tricks n more... 

It deals with lots of charting. All these will converge into multi dimensional charts that is best decided by the power of TA. 

Of course, Good Luck is 1 big component of this equation. 


Every person has the same luck n opportunity given by the mkt but not everyone takes the same Action. 
So HOW ? 

So many types of cycles listed above to master ! 

Unlearn n relearn. Stock investment is a 'financial jigsaw puzzle'. U need to collect n have all the pieces to finally fix n appreciate the full picture = money. I try to present some nice pieces in my diary/forum on real-time.

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