Friday, 7 August 2015

'tis the Time for POHUAT n LATITUD to tango all the way up ...

All other furniture cos. hevea, mieco, homeriz, evergrn   
had edi run their full courses n r over their steep 'mountains'. 
The selling out of all these stocks is creating a big pool of funds 
ready n looking for stocks to buy.

POHUAT  n  LATITUD r the likely logical choice for them 
to spend their money on. 
Hopefully they happen, soonest possible ...


  1. Purebull
    You reckon there's more upside for Latitude and Pohuat?
    A lot of ppl are really spooked now talking about bear market .. Blah .. Blah
    What do you think?

    1. [9:34:18 PM]
      Banking stocks r being attacked with low vol. , except for heavy activity in Maybank. Noises r everywhere to be heard. How not to be fearful for stock players.

      In a general weak mkt, KLCI must hit the bottom. then the noises will disappear, n mkt recovers with a rebound. Need spiritual help now.