Monday, 24 August 2015

Exporters beware. China cos. can enter into trade war dumping products. Discount salesman wins the biz.

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Everything is pointing to bleak future in stocks. 
On week chart, when Shanghai comp crashed down from high close of 5166 to 3686, 
their gov passed a law to ban selling of stocks for 6 mths by directors n big s/holders of plc cos. 
This absurd move only helped a rebound to 4080 lasting just 2 weeks.

Then last Fri it closed < 3686 to settle at 3507. Closing below this magical #, 3686 provides 
a bad sign going into next few mths.
Today Mon. it's now starting the week with a scary drop of 7.44% at 3246. It could go crazily

 down to 2500 !

Next Fear is, the china cos. could enter into trade war by dumping their products.
For many years our furniture stores struggled  n had to lobby US to help to impose 
anti-dumping from China.
In biz, Pricing dynamics always take over the driver seat. Discount salesman gets the orders. 
Chinaman knows this classical trick too well. 

Risk is our exporters of the same common products could be affected n might not be in safe 
position for too long. Profits can easily disappeared into thin air.
Mkt could take mths to go all the way down to pureBear. Cos might take q to q to show decreasing activities.
It's all about the right TIMING n perfectly acting on gut feeling.  


  1. Another crazy drop today which is scary

  2. Purebull
    Sorry, I mean waiting for your cue


      A crisis with a confirm Opportunity to big Profits.
      Plan it n Must catch it well this time again.

      Sell ALL rubbish stocks on strength now.
      Raise up lots of cash to enter when the final reversal pt comes.
      It can take months for it to manifest, maybe 3 to 6 mths more.
      This is my job to shout up the RIGHT TIMING going forward.
      Believe it. Pray n have trust.

      TARGET stocks r:

      After every previous crashes, ex. 97/98, 08/09 crashes, these CI stocks always fly up 2X to 3X above their reversal pts.
      For many people who always lost money in stocks, this is the chance to get even n much more ...
      We r close to prosperity corner. Do u know exactly what to do to position yourself for IT ?

    2. Patiently waiting for your cue. Remember to SHOUT LOUDLY, yea. I have always followed your 'SHOUTS'

  3. The recent currency devaluation in China comes not at a right time since the volume of global trade has been declining. I believe other countries also suffered from loss and whether or not they will be forced or follow China's step to devalue theirs. China exports to the US fell 1.3%, europe fells 12.3% and Japan fell 13%.