Saturday, 5 March 2016

Making Money with 10 SILOs of Momemtum Stocks Investing in Good Times and Bad

1.   + Uptrend is our friend.
      + Charts can tell tomorrow's news Today. Use it correctly to our prosperity.

2.   + Protect the downside, upside will take care of itself.

      + 1st loss is the best loss going down purebear financial mountain.

3.   + In good times prepare for bad times. In bad times prepare for good times.

      + Purebull matures purebear comes n vice versa, Sine wave returns. 
      + They  r 2 Primary Super Bull Run n 2 Primary Super Bear Plunge

4.   + Be sensitive ONLY to all things RIGHT.

      + Foolish to follow the noises of Dr 'Bodoh' in the free internet essays n media news.

5.   + Always have high integrity, be utmost honest, friendly n trustworthy. 

6.   + Forget about price doubling: Achieve 10% gain 1st,  then 26%, 31% CAGR

7.   + In pureBull, it's the sitting that make us Rich, no rocket sciences required. 
      + In pureBear, go short or cash is king. Obey these 2 rules.

8.   + Crashes r caused by 'Black Swan' events. 
      + When all mkt Classes collide, Commodities, Properties, Stocks crash, Investment Clock fails.

9.   + 'Ai hiong hiong, my siong siong' in hokkien.
      + Buy at last small purebear that gives rise to the biggest PureBull. 

10. + Big money is awaiting in the new HIGHs; Blue skies, everything's nice.
      + Take risk n put your hard earned money with the 'strongest n smartest' FA stocks in the country. 
      + Breaks new High, it should fail. Breaks new LOW, it will go lower.

Compare this:
PLC co.        =    Airplane
Stock Price  =   Ticket to fly with fantastic 'stock Pilot" ready in the plane
U r buying the price of the stock i.e. a ticket to fly high, hopefully on a long haul. 
And not buying the co. forever. U don't have the keys to the factory, how can u own part of the co.?
So knowing n acting on price action behavior is more potent.
In this fast pace high-tech world, events n things r changing n happening so fast.
Who says holding long term is the best way to profit in the stock mkt?
Yes, con people like Jordan, the Wall Street Wolf will say that.
In times like this, long term hold could be deadly even before u get to long term.

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  1. Thx everybody who drop in.
    Hi Icon8888,
    Let me review to all, the top secret to where the biggest money is in chart.
    Week MACD, the longest from GC to DC = biggest profit of all stocks.

    Ex. from last recent cycle, the lucky stocks r VS, POHUAT, LIIHEN, MAGNI etc etc ... Check it out. see for yourself in their charts.
    These good times have expiry dates. So in good times, prepare for bad times. There can't be everyday is Sunday. When they peaked, the corresponding bad MACD from DC down could be just as long or even longer!
    After expiry, they r Scary = stock mkt is indeed very dangerous.

    Only IF u understand the 10 SILOs u r mentally prepared in advance to avoid the greed n pocket the best profits ever by targeting to sell on the way up at about the last spike.

    U start with stocks with some good FA n some catalysts in cooking process. U buy at around Week MACD GC.
    U then hope it's a momentum stock n the smart money behind it will really take it off n fly high.

    I took this action on MPI lately at week MACD GC at 695 then 755 n sold a bit early at 918, 922.
    SCIENTX, in 1 of the pm session after my nap. I took all the big q sellers at highest 780 then, about 32K shares. It then slowly n surely move upwards thereafter at perfect timing. It was a bit illiquid so I sold at abt 850, 855 n took few days to sell all. After that it flied like crazy. I bang myself, what to do? IF I know JT YEO, then I will have followed him to hold longer. wasted not knowing him n he never share his idea on Scientx tread.
    I had few good hits, sam, topglv, pie, All at RIGHT TIMING, no waiting.
    All these r after sep 2015 sell down. I missed vs, pohuat, hevea liihen

    So For all FA guys with FA stocks, pls use week MACD to enter at right timing. By mastering MACD alone, it is good enough.
    We must say a big TQ to the inventor of MACD n RSI. he is an amore mechanical engineer like me. but my is on paper kulification. still virgin, never use in the profession.

  2. Thanks Purebull. I have been using your method. Trying my best to master

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