Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Why is warren B so Rich & World Famous ? How to be like him ?

Do u know ur beloved warren still is the world # 1 jumbo 'Along' financier at right TIMING ? 

Tis made him super jumbo rich, not daily buying n selling stocks. his stock dealing in secondary mkt is done for show to camouflage. 
How not to be rich if u r 'ahlong' ! 

He must be born an ex.chinese. 
He max the deep understanding of the word CRISIS in Chinese; 


1 ex : 
Just few yrs ago, Bangkok was hit by flood. All the insurance co run for cover. the ins demand went sky high, so was the ins rate. 
Then what happen? 
warren  has the best man who thinks n acts like him. He's AJITT JAINN, a v clever indian from of course Harvard. At the height of the ins rates, AJITT went in to sapu all. now betul.betul chia.beh.leow 

THIS IS WHAT MADE ur warren so FAMOUS:- 

He's basically a v good global businessmen with a PLC, from top ivy league biz schools. 

50 yrs ago warren was the 1st to inspire n prosper 4 money industry types: 
He is v good as, 

i. equity fund manager, v good in buying n selling stocks in the early yrs when he bought n hold MCD n KO. for yrs he's not up to the mark, in fact lousy. fbook boss called him the day before listing, hoping to get him to buy. warren couldn't be bothered at all. instead he bought big blue IBM n later had to cut loss to buy AAPL recently! 

ii. Hedge fund manager 
warren was 1st to charge 5/20, meaning 5% annual fee + 20% profit sharing. 
It became the best biz to be in. All the hedgees today owed their existence to warren. this model made warren world famous. 

iii. Biggest 'Along' jumbo financier in the world, like he whacked GS with free warrant n BAC jumbo deals in 2008/9 at the worst time in stock mkt, again at best of right timing. Certainly he's confidently awaiting to duplicate catching this jumbo deals at right timing soon this yr or next! The best thing is these deals go to him automatically. he doesn't need to seek for it!

iv. Private Equity Manager 
It's private equity that made warren's plc so v RICH n not stock investing n dealing. many RICH wall street names quoted in i3 who also followed warren's style, r truly big time private equity managers. 

IF u r v good in FA #s, then u must be in private equity, taking over cos n grow the biz thru network leverage n geographical expansion. There u hv high chance to win BIG.
I know many pple followed n talked a lot loudly like warren, n play stock mkt but couldn't do well long term. There's 1 n only 1 warren in the entire world that can do it super jumbo well.  so u still want to follow uh !
WHY? Mismatch of kungfu app in the wrong investment space. 


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