Thursday, 29 January 2015

Create a Template with Case Study of recent Up Cycle from Dec 2014. Only CAGR makes US millionaireS

Create a Template with Case Study of the recent up cycle from Dec 2014.
Choose your CAGR to prosperity.

Firstly, Be ever ready with a prospective list of strongest

i.   Stock selection,   at the
ii.  Right Timing,   promptly take a
iii. Perfect entry n exit execution.

Guru said,
"There is nothing new in the stock mkt.  
Whatever happens in the stock market today has happened before and will happen again."

Trade the leading stocks in each sector n the strongest/smartest stocks on the market.
This way,  U'll never have to worry about all the noises in the free internet essays n media news.

Catch 1 cycle perfectly. Repeat n duplicate the success 2 times a year.
Aim well n let these CAGRs do the wonderful math  in our money n portfolio:

CAGR  +26% over 20 cycles/stocks  =  your money grows  +100 X =  fast money making
CAGR  +31% over 20 cycles/stocks  =  your money grows  +200 X =  fast money making
Better still,
CAGR  +41% over 20 cycles/stocks  = your money grows +1,000 X = what have U.

Many methodologies n fund houses with knowledge of complicated FA #s, can't even yield 5-8% CAGR.

Here is the detail CAGR working presented by Mr Tan KW of i3investor :

ASK, how can your current system n method do this ? Do U want it ?

PureBULL . > Jan 29, 2015 08:56 AM Report Abuse X
Dear 1n1792, thanks for your kind support.

Mkt always offer 2 buy pts on right timing :
A good ex. is when the entire mkt emerged out of bad times in mid Dec 2014. I was daring to buy stocks at high prices. 'tis like in horse racing. U look at their noses. Whatever stocks that dare to show up their 'noses' 1st,
Buy them all, i.e. MYEG, KAREX, SOLID, LATITUDE, VS etc.
The 1st crop of 'durians' r the best = best buy for best quality with high pricing power.
Later, followed by calls in PESONA, TALIWRK N ULICORP. All these did move up impulsively on dot n still counting ...
Some of these stocks r the 1st to achieve 26% return. We can comfortably take the profit anytime now, while many pple just started  searching for the next great winning stocks.

ii. LOW
2nd best buy is buy on price dips, i.e. TEKSENG, PMHLDG
I assumed it is profit taking n hoping that prices will go up higher thereafter. Still a guess. 
The result of buying LOW is slow n struggling lower = higher risk. Strange, right?

Next, position sizing is very important. Knowing which ones to 'hantam' kuat2 is key. 
Diversification is the 'thief' of profit, though it is deem to safeguard risk. A bit con con n boo boo !

We need to remember, finally only a few stocks will make us rich.
n never get stuck so that  we can continue duplicating the outperformance ........
Best in Trading ...

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