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Shall we be Fearful when others r GREEDY ?

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Shall we be Fearful when others r GREEDY ? 
no or NO. 

1st thing 1st, Consider these : 
A. The 3 mkt 'taiko" r steady eddy. 
B. There seems no damaging Event that could crash the US financial system, meaning no sign of US plc co. with killer money problem as yet.
C. The usual noise in free internet n newspaper media is causing the round of selling. 
D. Sell in may n go away refers to, buy in last 2 days of every October month, sit on it n sell in 1st 2 weeks of following may month. This cycle makes money most of the years. R we not in this same route now ? 

These r the few days of DEC of every year where there r lots of foreign fund re-balancing act. Foreigners r cutting loss on loss stocks n buying back lower again or other better stocks. the nett effect is to pay no or less capital gains tax this year. The loss selling is to nett off with some gain that is edi taken early of the year. Then there is also a chance of heavy window dressing at this month end.

Interestingly, lower oil prices are an unquestioned positive for the global economy. The decline is "like an immediate tax cut to the economy".  These lower energy prices are going to be a boost to consumer demand and confidence going into next years ........

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