Thursday, 3 October 2013

Right Timing but wrong stocks in wrong country. Solve it ?

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PUNCAK has a last support at 2.88.
It has to arrest the selling around this level or something is going sour.

Dare to lend your support here.

DSONIC is the strongest stock on KLSE.
How nice if we can have 10 stocks like this to make KLSE a vibrant mkt. 

MUDAJYA at 2.72-2.75 seems a good new beginning has begun. It is enroute to join in the 
low PE ratio theme play.

We all invested at the right timing. The only leakage is having wrong stock selection or positioning in the wrong country.

There r so many great winners in Nasdaq Biopharma sector today that fly like DSONIC,
i.e. PCYC, ACAD, CLDX, INCY, STML, ICPT, BCRX, GILD, VNDA, KERX n the list goes on n on... 
Microsoft, MSFT price went up 100 folds in 10 years period. Many of these Bio-pharma stocks
r rising just as fast up as MSFT in its growing years...

Right country comes 1st. Think about it !

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