Wednesday, 17 April 2013


The bird flu crisis in China will get worse before getting better.                       
This is event driven investing.
So rubber glove biz has potential of rosy demand for many years to come.   

Position for   TOPGLOV  n  SUPERMX  like buying a good asset.

Go big time n monitor the situation in China.  Let's bet on....

This is the big theme play = best biz to own, has just started big today...

Good chance for 50-100% up...
Going for Supermx now, stop at 200

So take every rm10k to bet 100k supermx
for rm1 up or much more...

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Being the leader, Topglov has to lead the pack.
Supermx is slow to start. but once confirm ran up by Topglov, Supermx will be higher performer in returns over the course.
Key is it must be confirmed theme play for rubber glove biz.
Our job is to do due diligence that this theme play is on n well.

Theme play is the true biz investing.
Buying these stocks is really like doing partnership biz.
At that opportune timing where there is big accelerated mkt demand for their products

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These fun_s r selling like never seen money before. Despite the fact that lots of hard cash is flowing perpetually into their accounts every single day.

EPF has sold SUPERMX to just below 5% stake.
While Pension Fun_ sold its TOPGLOV to a mere 5% voting rights.

If these 2 giant fun_s r not supporting our only home grown successful world exporters, then who else r they supporting ?

PureBULL . > Apr 29, 2013 11:09 AM | Report Abuse X 

EPF fun_ has less than 5% of Supermx or about RM$80 mill stake left only now. 

3 ways can happen, If EPF is politically inclined to sell down : 
1. Supermx could buy up to 10% stake using its share buy back scheme which it has only a mere 1 mill shares as treasury shares. 
Guess is the orders on board now at rm1.97, 1.98 n 1.99 r supports from share buy back. 

2. Only if S Thai is willing to 'pakat' with any world class private equity funds to take it private, there r so many who r 'desperate n hungry' to rush in with him. 

3. Merge with TOPGLOV. 

Fundamental for r glove biz has changed n moving fast to its best times recently... 
Soon it might be the best biz to own !

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