Thursday, 17 January 2013


Yes, there seems no more true fund managers in KLSE already.
All taking private corporate proposals of plc thus far r successful to the great advantage n prosperity of the plc owners.

PLC owners r smart n they definitely know the true worth n prospect of their co. going forward...
There must be a strong compelling reason for them to take private their once hard earned listed vehicles.
It all boils down to valuation. Of course the current price has to be in deep discount to its true value.
I believe the final price is worth more than 30 to 50% higher than the take private price before any owner would ever consider taking private !

We also know the take private price. There r so many knowledgeable financial engineers n investment experts who know how to value n calculate like Warren B. in the mkt. I often can hear them talking so much about FA n all that bombastic financial numbers. Why r they not analyzing n working on those stocks that r going private = reverse listing ? So 'chicken' meh !

And yet why is there no one fund manager who dares to bid it up higher ? 
Why funds think like retail investors and always conveniently 'belanja' their stocks to the owner ?

Why is this happening always ?
Where r the MBA, CPA, CFA  in Invest Malaysia n what have u ?

We certainly need to groom some activist investors in KLSE.

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