Thursday, 1 February 2018

HENGYUAN just do it. If QR 's GOOD, TP 's so so GOOD

HENGYUAN just do it. If QR 's GOOD, TP 's so so GOOD

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If DOW's well behaved, HENGYUAN now at 2nd higher bottom might rebound up to hit higher than its upper daily SAR at 14.03.  
It could then consolidate in few narrow whipsaw swings in a smaller band for a week or 2.

n when its daily RSI is finally above 50%, the daily MACD will gap up to the all important GC.
Expect these 2 indicators to happen concurrently, then u know HENGYUAN is set for a new beginning to the explosive PRIMARY 5th wave.
Let's PRAY...

HENGYUAN stock price n PAT r strongly correlated to the WTI OIL prices as follows:

Date               WTI OIL price, USD
31 Jul 17                 50.17
31 Aug                    47.23
29 Sep                    51.67

Average 3 months    49.69
Sep 17 QR               RM$361 mill PAT announced on Nov 30th, 2017.

31 Oct                     54.38
30 Nov                    57.40
29 Dec                    60.42      Today it's at 66 now

Average 3 months   57.40
Compare to last Sep Q, OIL price increased by 15.5% for current Q.

So how much do u think is the QR for Dec 2017 PAT??
Announcement date is around this Feb 25th.

My guess is just as good as yours.
It all boils down to 1 important person, the CFO.
He or she better knows how to FAKE IT TO MAKE IT if need to, only once!
Or we can act corporately to the board to remove the CFO.
Sound like a plan?

Assuming the CFO cleverly do a good QR, then what is the immediate future?

 PureBULL . > Feb 1, 2018 02:12 PM Report Abuse X

When we invest in FA stocks, the QR is the most important. 
The stock must make much more profit this year than last year Q to Q.
As I said b4, we don't have great CFO like those pro in wall street who have all the expertise to take care of the investing community.

HENGYUAN's next QR is coming out around Feb 25th.
Pray it's just DAMN GOOD n nothing else.

Then u have this,

17.10 X 2 - 8.30  =   ?  (X 10-20% MORE), most of the times due to over-shooting


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