Sunday, 3 March 2013

 MBSB 249, it's half half now between   245  n  249 Darvas Box.

In some at 249  last Fri.
More info here,

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Dear all,
I do not know how to bluff or bs n do not wish for it. But the above statement is fairly clear n am edi in.

It is best for us to take that 1 Risk at the best strategic threshold price. Our hard work is to identify that important 1 price # n buy not too far away from it to contain Risk. I channel all my faculty in search of that 1 price #. If u can buy lower than my #, I will be very happy. I still strongly believe u should trust my # by now !

Mkt is still high risk zone. I saw many stocks that I used to have like, klccp, pestech pwroot N MORE going bullishly up. So I am taking some small risk on new arrivals now. But I can throw out anytime very fast if sentiment changes for the worse.

So be very accurate in calling the buy price. Once miss, let it be.
Why the strategic # ? Bcos the 'meat/dish served' is thin n not too high grade.

Most of U r working, I am full time n anytime. U r edi handicap.

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[9:16:31 AM]
UEMLAND out 254 

MBSB out 264

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GAMUDA-WD, out 1.14
Mkt is probably expecting just a spike up. As such warrant being a 'marathon runner' is not that efficient to move as fast as the mother.

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